SGR update...


Nakuja kubuy minerals hapo Voi…

Izo akina modern coast zichange tu jina to Eldoret Express.

Kuna watu wanaona raha bus companies ziki collapse, i find this u fortunate …these are kenyans who are toiling to make that extra shilling…bus companies ziki zaka economy ina fifia pia…

Hizi basi zilitewe zikue zinabeba estates kama kbs

Hi ni dashboard ya train?
(Asking for @Chloe)

GPS Speedometer by AppSource Hub tafuta kwa play store…

Mie nauliza tu kama imeanza kufanya kazi ku naona iko bado in demo mode,not sure what that means

Shida ni when you want to book. Jana i bought tickets za sato to Miritini lakini nikitaka kununua za kurudi monday naambiwa haiwezekani ati those ones will be on sale from friday. Leo wameweka full page adverts in both Nation and Standard on how to book via mobile phone and pay through Mpesa lakini kupiga simu ati the Mpesa system is not ready.
I know Uhuru alisema there will be teething problems lakini…

hakuna mtu anataka bus companies zicollapse, it’s just that the SGR is a disruption to their business… same way MPesa was a disruption to banks core business. So with any disruption, it’s either you adapt, innovate and stay afloat or refuse change and sink to oblivion. disruption has happened to many industries/markets and this is neither the first nor the last. And buses will still have customers because as it stands, Kenya Railways is still bogged down by old inefficiencies, so those who are frustrated by the train schedule, booking will opt for the buses. For example, you can hop into a bus to Msa almost any time of day.

eneyewe ni ufala. They should embrace new ways of doing things.

Naona ni kama iko sawa…

People are celebrating because they feel that they have not been getting fair value from bus companies. These companies are often saddled with many unnecessary overheads, which the final customer has to foot. Plus they hog space to prevent new entrants who may want to bring in innovation.

Hio ni argument ngine ya ufala sana…we have a plethora of buses heading to Mombasa which cater for different budgests…ukitaka kuenda mombasa na 700 na bus waeza enda leo hakuna cha watu kufinywa…

Sio chuki watu wako nayo. hakuna mtu hupenda tabia za watu wa matatu ni vile tu saa ingine ni lazma.

  1. Watu wa bus waache kuua raia.
  2. watu wa bus waachane kujaza viti kwa gari.
  3. badala ka kupimp, watengeneze bus safe.

Wewe endelea kutumia buses basi and let others use the train

bado…wanafanya test from there

Exactly. The buses earn enough to provide very competitive services that would rival the SGR. The problem is they are greedy, do not care about safety, and spend too much money on matters that do not add value to their main mission.

North rift shuttles killed eldoret express along Nairobi Bungoma route sasa in the next five years its pay time kama sgr itakua imefika malaba.

bado, hio ni Beta version.
planning some sql injection nione kama system yao ni fake like most things from the East