SGR Update - Ngong Underground Tunnel Build marking the start of Nairobi-Naivasha Line

Ground breaking ceremony for the 3162 m long Ngong Tunnel of the Nairobi - Naivasha Railway was held on June 16, 2016.

Meanwhile Mombasa-Nairobi line remains ahead of schedule and will be complete by Dec 2016. Full operations starts in March 2017 while President Kenyatta will commission it on Madaraka Day 2017.

Mombasa super bridge

@spear ebu share map ya naivasha penye hii kitu inapitia. I neeed to check out something

Nairobi South Station

good progress

I’m yet to get it but i will share when i do. I think its not yet finalised completely. Land acquisition is still ongoing.

cool.will be waiting

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Mombasa Station

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good work…lakini transaltion ni lazima tusije tukatusiwa na hatumanyi…

Truck laying continues at pace

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Railway Bureau 肯尼亚内马 marked a ground-breaking project 1
Published: 2016-06-2409: 48: 23.0time on June 16,

by the construction of SIPO肯尼亚内马a railway tunnel project in Ngong 1 standard line first to break ground, marking the Bureau within a horse railway project construction officially entered a substantive stage.

Horse railway project within a 1-standard Termini starting mileage of DKO-DK38, a total length of 38 kilometers, accounting for 31.7% in the horse railway project a full length. Line from South Station Nairobi standards, across the Nairobi National Park, after crossing the residential areas, farmland, urban forest Ngong district, demolition levy heavy workload. 1 standard a total of 10 pipe bridge, a total of about 17km; tunnel Block 1, totaling 3162 meters, more than 53% of bridges and tunnels, bridge and tunnel project for the main project.
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Working 24/7 in 8 hrs shifts

Voi Station

Mariakani Station

Wapi yule magufuli mjinga

There’s no SGR in Naivasha, from Mai Mahiu it goes to Narok then Bomet, Ahero and onwards to Kisumu. Naivasha, Nakuru and Eldoret aren’t covered.

I hope our meffi contractors are learning something in all this projects.

Mai Mahiu is actually in Naivasha. Even in Naivasha its not close to town but interior areas heading to Narok.

@spear kuna transfer of technology in this project to kenyan engineers??
then si wauze advance tickets for the rails maiden trip