Ile siku details za hii project zitajulikana you will realize how rotten the system is in Vumbistan especially huko juu. And why some senior people in the government of Vumbistan should be hanged for economic crimes (walaji nyama).

Wacha nitumie example simple. Ordinarily, ukienda KCB uwaambie unataka loan ya bus watakupea pesa, halafu hiyo bus waitumie kama collateral. That is how most loans work. The bank knows that a bus is a good investment. If whatever you want to do is a bad investment, the bank will tell you to present something else as collateral e.g land, ama payslip. So, the general principle is that if the bank doesn’t want whatever you are buying as collateral, your venture is probably too risky or not viable.

Let’s examine the East. East inakupea loan ya kubuy bus ya 5.5 million. Lakini, haitaki hiyo bus kama collateral. Inataka collateral ya flats zako worth 20 million. In addition, kwa hiyo loan contract, inakwambia lazima bus ikuwe kwa sacco ya East, iende garage ya East, ununue mafuta kwa petrol station ya East na crew ni wa-East for the first 5 years.

Who in their right mind would sign such as loan contract?? That’s what most government officials in 3rd world countries are doing in exchange for fat bribes (nyama). Senior government officials and politicians of third world countries are simply in the business of auctioning their countries to the East.

this is old news,infact when an NTV journalist was promised a copy of the contract by Gatheca,his advisors warned him against that and asked him not to be attending interviews while drunk.

The stupid illegal things Uhuru and Ruto have been doing since 2013 are the reason why Uhuru wants to leave his own stooge in 2022…
and the bitterness of being singled-out as the only thug is what makes Ruto so bitter

Tafuta hii kitabu and see where the Chinese are coming from

Also read this and understand why Africa is a shithole and forever will be a shithole

Key national assets. In Zambia, China is interested in the copper mines. In Vumbistan, the only economic asset would be the largest sea port in the Eastern Bonobo continent etc etc.

They either gave up the Ports in Mombasa or 3/4 National Parks as security. Probably Nairobi National Park , Tsavo, & Samburu. The Chinese are clever not to take a non-income producing asset. They need the asset and a guarantee of funds if they cant dispose. In the current administration, if you ever see Chinese companies upgrading infrastructure in the parks eg revenue collection, just know they are retrieving their funds.
People cry that the world bank is evil. They may indeed be, but there are worse devils. They don’t ask for collateral. Chinese are 10 times worse. They even import nails to use in the construction. About 5-6 years ago the US placed sanctions on Iran. As result, Iran couldn’t sell oil on the world markets. In distress, they called China. Chinese economy was doing great and they needed oil for their projects. China agreed to buy the oil. But at 60% world market price. Talk about a ally.

Nations don’t have friends, just interests. Don’t be naive kijana


The problem is not China, if you get the gist of it. China is simply doing business, however wicked their terms are. The problem is our greedy leaders. Uhuru and his team. They have zero sense of patriotism and have sold our country to the highest bidder in order to line up their already full pockets without considering the future of the rest of the citizens.

Two or more nations with similar interests.Two nations can be enemies and allies at the same time

majority Kenyans deserve their leaders. Me and other straight thinking part of the middle class are collateral damage.:D. I will try to pull through the murk and quagmire.

I voted for this government three times in a row. I accept the liability of the damage I have brought upon this country and beg for utter forgiveness.

:smiley: thank you

How come KRA can’t catch these people? how do they explain the large deposits in their bank account or their companies’ bank account?

Hehehe… your honesty is rare.

I admit sir.

They can’t be that stupid to bank such illegally earned money in the local banking systems in their own names.
That’s why offshore banking in the tax havens of Mauritius, Guernsey and other such islands comes into play.

Please shut up. When we were shouting from the rooftops aganist this sgr thing you and jubileediots led by spear castigated us as enemies of progress. Thats water under the bridge now. We are now shouting to you no kindly requesting you not to vote in that itchy fingers thief from surgoi and you divert our attention to Uhuru whose finishing his term and his projects including ruto like sgr which we cannot do anything about anyway . Come 2025 mtakua hapa mkilia about the epic proportions of looting in a kalejinga led govt. While still be campagning for a waititu /murkomen presidency in 2027. Fools especially thirakus… You amuse me :smiley:
Dont vote raila, but please please dont vote in ruto. What makes you think he will change? And i have a feeling raila should not run for the sake of this country. Let a sober fresh new guy run against ruto. Lets look into the future thats where our solutions lie

Can you arrest a president? Kuwa serious