SGR pt 3

Nani anajua hapa ni wapi?
inaonekana ile pesa inatumika kwa kila pillar inaweza maliza a two bedroom house, zile rebar zinatumika … wacha tu.
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:p:DMchina mchawi

Athi river

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Driving a truck?

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Hapa si Athi river boss

@Meria. Wewe ni truck driver? Where can i be taught how to drive those monsters?

Side hustle.
Any reputable driving school will do.

Kama si athi river ni ukambani huko mtito or taveta park

Voi again

Si watu wa train watakua wanatemea wale wako chini na magari mate ?


what happens when the train derails onto that road beneath it ama hio road ni diversion?

It sisnt supposed to derail like aircraft arent supposed to stall

Kwani passengers watakuwa vipii?


Point a planes nose upwards at a certain angle and it will stall.

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And why should it derail at that particular point where it crosses the road?


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Meeeeeen! are you dumb? That why there is a word like “stall” for planes.

So what is your argument?

I meant that planes stall kilometres up there even though stalling isnt part of the plan and nothing stops people from building and flying them. So what abt trains?