SGR pricing

The costing for passenger (first, business, and economy).
-How much will SGR charge?
-How much do passengers currently pay for MSA-NBI using BUS and AIR?

The costing for cargo SGR.
-How much will SGR charge?
-How much do cargo clients currently pay for MSA-NBI using ROAD and RVR?

everywhere in the world travelling by train is more expensive than by buses. In some places it is more expensive than by air

Kama wewe ni peasant waenda kuuza mskundu Lamu tumia lorry ya makaa, meffi


But why?


Haiya…thought it was meant to be more affordable. Where in the world is it more expensive than air and what would the reasoning behind that be?


make google your friend,meffi


Indeed, without subsidies, trains rarely breakeven.

Wacha uongo… Meffi wewe…

Jubilee is urging Kenyans not to complain about the poor state of passenger couches for two main reasons:

  1. The railway was meant for cargo in the first place. Passengers is just an extra.
  2. The “new” diesel coaches will all be replaced with better electric coaches in 5 years!

Awesome, then fare to Mombasa should be atmost 500.

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I heard the KR manager saying the first class cabins will have about 76 seat capacity. The cabin seats are not so much different from the buses plying A109 save for the washroom. Na bado fare itakuwa juu kuliko ya buses. I think guys in need of freight services will be the most beneficiaries.

I don’t expect the fare to be less than 2000 bob cheapest

1st class ni ya peasants wanajiskia wamefika. Business class ndio ya watu kama mimi who need plenty of leg room ili nikikamua nyoka nisipull muscle.:D:D:D:D:D:D





Hio ndio price ya RVR…so it’s safe to start calculations from there…hawa RVR wamelalia sana they would have made a killing from passenger service to Western, Nyanza and Riftvalley had they restored the services


So tentatively, 1st class itakuwa 5k and above…

This second case was very popular online some time early last year:


Hii ni jest ama joke kubwa sana.Kama iyo hapo chini ndio 1st class, then kuteremka Mombasa na thao ni pesa mingi kwa iyo seat.

Wekelea bei ya kuma

:D:D zero chills