SGR Phase 1 Track laying completed

Track Laying from Mombasa West to Nairobi South Completed on October 10, 2016.

Congratulations to the Chinese contractor on site and the Kenyans employed to work on this massive project.

Photo courtesy of Kenyans on SkyScraperCity.


Anyway u can load more photos

Phew!! ! ! The last picture, it’s evident that SGR have started the process of desertification, wapi Agwambo when u need him most.

Kama kawa, Tuko pamoja

Mimi nangoja tu hio passenger train ya 4 hrs msa to nbo

Nyairofi nginya mambatha ta gufusia kwa ritho

When will the Nrb - Kisumu line be completed ? Can’t wait to say bye bye to driving to Western kenya.

Fare ya NBO-MSA itakuwa ngapi?

Ticket za kwanza ziweke talkers, we follow the progress with an almost religious fanaticism, through our Shining eyes (positive) viewpoint and Dim eyes (pessimistic) viewpoint and those that are neither dim eyed nor shinny eyed, that offer a balance.

Me thinks fare itakuwa between 3-5 k depending on classes, ama niaje @spear ?

Stop burdening @spear with this assignment on an early Sunday morning, wacha gugu yake ipate break.

Mchinku ameanza tunnel huko Ngong, we are waiting the National Park issue to get sorted out na reli itambae hadi Naivasha

That is too much, I bet it will be 500-2000 shillings hapo to accommodate everyone. Hii reli ni ya mwananchi , sio mabwanyenye.

China Road & Bridges Corp said the fare should be 4,500/- for the project to be viable. However, decision lies with GOK.

4500/- ni jambojet to mombasa

Hiyo nayo wataenda wakikaukanga! 4500/- haitawesmake, they’ll have to make it much lower to pull in as many travellers as possible, otherwise pale River Road kutakuwa na basi KDE 001A ikilipisha 1800 to MSA.

Btw I used the old train last year Nairobi to Mombasa and I think I paid 4,800/- first class. So that can give you a rough indicator of what would be SGR prices

how long was the journey? And what amenities are on board the different classes.

Four hour journey. No need for sleeping coaches. Just First class and Economy class. comfortable seats , Reserve seating arrangements for those who book in advance. Online or phone booking services. Well trained and groomed crew members . Quiet coaches . On board wifi. Enough space to store luggage , clean toilets and on board restuarant to buy drinks and light snacks.

Make it simple and efficient.