SGR Payments Are Now Strictly Cashless. Deni Mtalipa Directly To China For The White Elephant

Passengers using Kenya’s standard gauge railway (SGR) trains will from Sunday pay for the service using cashless means only, Kenya Railways said in a notice on Saturday.

The Chinese-built railway that has been in operation since 2017 has been using a hybrid payment system that involves cash, mobile money, and plastic money.

“As from August 1, the acceptable payment mode for your Madaraka Express train ticket will be debit/credit card and M-Pesa,” said the corporation.

But it is still a white elephant

Wanacharge Kes 40 kulipa na MPESA woi

It is always full to the brim both for passengers and cargo. How is it a white elephant?

[SIZE=7]Increase in Cargo at Mombasa Port Prompts Use of Double Stack Trains[/SIZE]

Kenya has introduced the use of double stack trains to speed up the evacuation of cargo at the Port of Mombasa and deal with mounting congestion.

Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) said the double stack railing is aimed at improving cargo offtake by the standard gauge railway (SGR) freight service, with the cargo destined to the Nairobi container depot (ICD) in the capital.

“The service will transport 152 containers from the current 108 containers, enhancing faster cargo movement and increase efficiency at the port,” said KPA in a statement.

The use of double stack trains has seen the number of containers arriving at the ICD hit more than 1,200 daily. The Nairobi ICD, which was opened in 2018 at a cost of $200 million, has a capacity to handle 450,000 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs).

@Ndindu tumia akili. Usifikirie na matako. Every transaction nowadays is cashless because of the Chinese virus.

Even the transgender @Swansea Mildred Aluoch paid for his sex reassignment surgery using bitcoins.

If @Swansea Aluoch is going cashless then why not for SGR???

@Swansea wacha kukunia thread ya @Ndindu. Kwani umechizi?

What’s wrong with you?

Cashless is the way almost all public and private entities are going.
It seals a lot of revenue leakages and its also very convenient in accounting at the end of the day.

Hopefully you are now more informed on the advantages of going cashless.

did you know that if you have bought a mtumba piece of cloth/new shoes/ etc in the past 2 years there is a 90% chance the same was carried by the SGR??? now you know


Bonobo zinaskia zimekatsika juu mahali ya kukulia pesa imefungwa. You can always fidle with cash but not digital payments. Hiyo kitu inawauma sana. Am sure they will sabotage it soon. Bonobos have no concept of primary infrastructure and how it is possible to work in large corporations and not walk out with bags of money every month.