sexy n there.....kwani nimerogwa?

Got in a club to take 2 beers and rush home to my troubles, shida some 3 girls sitting opposite me, 1 ia a momo, one of the rest is throwing wild glances to/on me…now an on my 5th beer…hii ni kurogwa…

Usiwekewe mchele.

How old are you, Elder?

A necro handle. Someone’s spare handle brought to life.

how the fuck did you become an elder?
did you join this site while in your mother’s womb?

Elder na haujui rules?[ATTACH=full]110678[/ATTACH]

Umerogwa kabisaa

Tulu tulu tulu tulu tulu tulu tulu tuluu tulututu… (Pink panther’s theme song)

Leta picha banana Hata kama ni pie chart representation ya hawa visokorowinyo.

Hiyo ni uchawi

I hope umebeba avocado.

Evidence mblo…

Sio kurogwa, ni multibet ya mchele.

Glances wachia watoto wa high school fika apo uitishe foursome

Maliza pombe uende nyumbani

Son. Wachana Na Pombe

So did you finally go home to your troubles? Leta hekaya.

i gathered all the courage i had and walked out after the 5th…

One of my best memories and still favourite cartoons - and you now have me whistling that ridiculously catchy tune that just never leaves my head for hours!!:D:D:D

Mchele alert. Always be cautious when dealing with a group of ladies.