Sexy advert model


Not bad.


Not even close to sexy

elewa chief mbuta ako 65years

Is she preggo ?

Chifu kwani ulibadilisha the definition of ZEXY? I was expecting to see some super models in lingerie…(Rwandese to be precise…)
Kumbe ni mkulima…watering plants akifuliza


Preggo is sexy

Holy moly! hehe…sexy, if I’m the one responsible. Other wise hata siwezi anagalia yeye. [SIZE=2]Ni dhambi[/SIZE]

I happened at one time to work with a woman who was married to a guy who lived abroad. At one time she became pregnant and she was so fond of me during the pregnancy term. She always came to sit near me and brought me goodies and stuff. I would in turn visit her and help her out with some tedious stuff in her house. We slept several nights in her house. Her baby is now a big boy in grade 5. He is so fond of me. Unluckily the husband returned to the country although he is a good friend of mine.

:D:D:D Lets go back to your other post tafasali

That aside, she was pregnant? The husband was out of the country? And at one time she became pregnant? Shifo you were feasting on another man’s wife? The husband is raising a kid that is not his but yours? Shifo lazima niite kikao…we need to discuss this kwa mapana na marefu…it is a serious offence :D:D:D

Watu wa DNA is a must…mko wapi?

The pregnancy was not mine. The hubby had been coming from time to time to visit her and that’s how she became pregnant.

[SIZE=3]Only the woman can tell[/SIZE] but suppose…
Ama you never went for a swim in river jordan naked?

Hii maneno we shall revisit…

We just used to cuddle and sleep

Don’t take seriously everything that this numbsack says.

Kwani hupendi vajaina? Why are you a homosexual?

I love it but you don’t have to eat it everywhere just because it’s available