Sexual Truth 28.06.2021

Men and women do not share the same interests. If a woman loves cars, it’s because if several reasons including getting close to men with cars who love cars. Ask such a woman about fuel injectors, belts and casting methods and they know meh!
A woman’s best friend will be a woman and a man’s best friend will be a man.
If a man says that his wife/girlfriend is his best friend, then he’s just a lesbian with a dick in need of a sexchange operation.

very few know even basic car models, watakuambia anapenda benz au V8

A man’s best friend is a dog. A woman’s best friend ni wallet iko loaded

and v8 is an engine not a car

ivo sasa

Very underrated comment.

Some truth. Men who say their wives are their best friends are sissies

This statement is really arguable.
An example of cars is good, but apart from cars there are some other interests which are alright for both men and women. Like learning foreign languages. It can be interesting for all the people and there is nothing wrong if men and women like to learn and study foreign languages. More than that, not all of the men are interested in cars which doesn’t make them females. That s so weird to differentiate people by their interests: nowadays everyone can get interested in everything. Surely, there is statistics which shows that males are more likely to like cars or more women like cooking than men. But it still means nothing if you talk about such division of sexes.
It is a well-known fact that females differe from males not only biologically but socially as well. The society gives some specific roles and functions to males and females, that is why people would rather have friends of the same sex, but it is still possible for a man to have a girl as his best friend. Why not? What are the biological and psychological reasons for the fact that people of the opposite sexes cannot be friends? That is totally antiscientific.
The phrase which made me laugh out loud: “If a man says that his wife is his best friend, he is a lesbian”. What the hell does it mean? A man who is lesbian? Are you serious? Do you know what lesbian mean?

Vaa kamisi pole pole uwache kutuandikia paragraphs mrefu mrefu.