Sexual Truth 20.06.2021

If you never deflowered her just know you are an “in between dick” and nothing else.
Nothing to take pride in but take your slices.

She’s not yours it’s just your turn

Nyau si yako ni yake. Atagawa tu

…why do villagers emphasize on this? she is also aware that you are not hers and it’s just her turn.

And also note this… All you have… Your friends your family members etc etc etc… They don’t belong to you. It’s just your turn to enjoy them. Thank God for what you have.
Shiet!!! am preaching:D:D


^ talk of low hanging fruits

hii ata ni jailbait, vile ni unripe

A married woman that I had while she was dating her hubby a few years ago is pestering me for a conjugal visit, even though I saw her call her hubby “hunny” on her WhatsApp status today as she wished him a happy fathers’ day.
Not very long ago I also had another married one. I also saw her wish her hubby a "happy fathers’ day dear "today on WhatsApp status.
For sure, it’s just their turn.

Kikitu ni cha mbebaji