Sexual Truth 19.06.2021

“People don’t get married for sex”, this is an adage of men living sexless lives in marriage with a distasteful woman. Such men themselves are not that fit either.

Truth: A man true to himself knows that sex is the number one thing in marriage or relationship. Any other argument is just from a man/woman whose SO you’d see and say, “Who would commit to that?”

Marriage is a life sentence to one pucci

Porojo. Am married nabado mucakwe hupiga raundi once in a while kachance kakijipa

If this is true why is it that married men are sought after?

…you must be very young. Ukienda sana 26.
At this age…sex huwa nambari moja kwa mawazo. Tunakuelewa kaka.
Mi niko very happy kwa planteshen.