Sexual Truth 12.07.2021

Most men will say that the body count of a woman should be at an ideal low of not more than 3.
Truth: As long as she has a count, she’s a whore.
A woman could fuck 100 guys and another just one guy. That one boyfriend of the latter could have fucked her for a full year or more which involved almost daily sex - dry fry. She will learn and perfect all sex positions including deep-throats, cum-swallowing and even anal sex. But ofcourse a man with no option will seek comfort on a ‘low count’.

I choose to deal with struggles I have control over.

The more body count she has tells you that she is not a keeper, you are better off with a woman who has been fucked by the same guy 100 times than a woman who has been fucked by 100 men

only small dick men are insecure over a woman’s body count.

If I had a sexdoll that I have been fucking for a year and I gave it to you with you knowing, would you fuck the doll? How do I put this better…

In some ways it’s a lot like buying a sex doll. Would you pay much for a doll that has many previous owners? Regardless of how good it’s current state is?

@chap you deny the truth posted here because it is deeply ingrained in your psyche that a ‘low count’ for a woman is VALUE!

Everybody has got a past:D

The problem with men who believe they have big dicks is that they have small dicks but women will lie to them that they got big dicks, further more a big dick is NOT a slut’s history eraser.

A phrase commonly uttered by hoes to justify their ratchet ways

if we jumping into conclusions, we can then conclude you have a small dick and no women to lie to you that its big. Double tragedy if you ask me. Continue obsessing over hoes’ body count. Its understandable.

M2random wacha monologue

Exactly, and they reinforce it on weak males so that they don’t judge when they trick them into a relationship for their own gain. I have a mantra I use:
In any situation between me and someone else, if the other person recommends that I overlook a certain thing, I ask myself who benefits in that regard? And it most likely won’t be me.

It’s never yours forever. It’s just your turn-George Washington

Only experienced men know this… He will learn it over time…

People asking about body count are interested in relationship stuff, not smashing only. Wanakijiji wanapeana through pass left right and center, no one is asking about body count then

Would you buy a one owner car or a 5 owner car? Siongezei kitu

I like a well fucked woman that has made a decision she wants to start a family. Mimi body count ya dem hainishtuangi.

True dat

Virginity is not knowing who was there before you.

chiks dont expose simple data like their true birthday now @nyundo wa komeo explain how you will jua the actual body count of a omwoman you met recently.

If shes 22+ and tells you anything below 10 its a lie