Sexual Truth 06.12.2021

This truth is inspired by a post made here a while ago about the ‘sloppy seconds’ that got me reflecting on a piece of advice touted by the so-called Redpill gang - Plate Spinning.

Truth: As long as you have an extra woman whom you fuck raw, you are being a sloppy second whether you know it or not. Any woman that knowingly gets into a relationship with a guy that lives (married or not) with another woman does so by having a side-piece herself (women naturally do tit-for-tat and if there’s no tat, it is unfair - not unacceptable but just plain unfair).

It’s hard to allocate adequate TIME (read attention) to a side-piece and so at those times you are away from her, she will be getting it from someone else. Having an extra chick as a guy in a relationship automatically makes you a beta-bucks and you will be getting pussy that’s sore. “Respectable” side-pieces will play the unavailability card to let the pussy rest and breathe and then bring it to you as a surprise:smiley:

This truth only applies to either a married man or a man in a LTR. Single men, bachelors, divorcees, students and such are not necessarily affected by this truth.

This truth applies in accordance to the Universal Law of Coincidence, you get conned because you are also thinking of conning.

Field report: A majority of toxic relationships were formed where either party was cheating on their ex. Research this yourself and you will see.

I totally disagree. Since the dawn of human time, the big Gs had all the women and the nobodies died without reproducing (modern MGTOW and incels). Kings, generals, wealthy merchants etc from the Aztecs to Genghis Khan all had many wives and side chics. That’s because the optimum mating strategy for a man is quantitative ie spread your seed far and wide. Obviously, there are modern constraints to that but you get the idea. A woman’s mating strategy is qualitative because she has one womb and countable eggs. She can only bring one child to term in a year. You, on the other hand, can sire 100 children in one year easily.

Secondly, women generally have a lower sexual drive than men which aligns perfectly with their qualitative mating strategy. The average woman is willing to put off sex for a while and vet men. You on the other hand are wired to bang indiscriminately because you have a quantitative strategy. A man can have more than three women who are all loyal to him because women have a lower sex drive than men.

If you REALLY believe that then you are still Bluepilled as fuck. Women are far hornier than men and more sexually active than the average man by a superior margin. In VERY many cases a woman will get into a new relationship with a man just a few days after ending the previous one.
Women are just good at feigning naivety, women don’t express their sexual desires as much as men do simply because that is what society calls a modest woman. I myself know this first-hand having been fucked and kissed on the improptu by girls as a teenager simply because I was ‘cute’ and most of them were older than me and thus did what they naturally ought to do with no fear. Get your facts right.

This in-fact makes me post another truth.


If women were hornier than men, there would be more male prostitutes than women. Stop dreaming.

Men pay for sex because they crave sex more. It aligns with their biological imperative to spread their seed far and wide.

There are more women prostitutes due to maximum and consistent demand from MEN and the underlying fact that women don’t have to risk their egos to get a fuck, period. The demand by men for sex is due to their overt nature. A man can go for months without sex but a woman will do so at the risk of loosing her mind due to an emotional imbalance.

Most men would think twice if a random woman walked up to them and said, “Nitombe na kulipe sahii bana tumalizane.” Most would shy away with a smile yet in their heads this is a fantasy come true.

After years of being bought pilsner you seem to have a good idea of what men crave.

The truth is that women enjoy sex more than men as they derive 78% benefit while men derive 22%…:D:D:D

Nevertheless, it strikes me as funny two men discussing what women really want yet the women themselves have no idea of what they want. Hapa hamna solution ndugu zanguni…:D:D:D

Let’s be objective here. If women were as horny as men, then prostitution would not exist. Women are horny, but men are hornier. That difference forces men to pay for sex covertly (wife) or overtly (prostitutes). Whoever has less desire has the advantage and women take full advantage of that by exploiting men’s sexual urges.

Simple economics buda. Women generally have lower sexual urges that’s why men have to incentivize them into having sex.

Also, there is a difference between enjoying and urging for sex. We are talking about sexual urges here. Enjoyment hapo only women know how they feel. But for urges, there is solid data to prove men have stronger sexual urges to get laid upon which an entire profession is based (prostitution).

Women sell sex because nature has it that she is giving you a nest to put your egg to mature, in some cases they act as a flower girl i.e the same way you pay for a blooming flower. It has nothing to do with who is more horny, emotional and financial needs overrides that.

I agree, however, a woman can suppress her feelings because at the end of the day she is certain a man will want her.

Why is she certain that a man will want her?? Because men have stronger sexual urges.

Haha me nasoma tu comments hapa. Hopefully the two thugs pharmacy n nipe nikusifu hawatakuja kukunia thread


Not really, man believes he should do the chasing…he’s been socialized to think that way. That’s why when you have resources and showing no interest in women they start chasing you na kujipendekeza

Fact: 1) Women are capable of suppressing their urges for long periods of time.
2) If a woman is truly attracted to you,(and not attracted to what you offer her) you’ll be forgiven if you think she’s a nympho.