Sexual Truth 06.07.2021: An Arithmetic Attempt at Marriage

Truth: Marriage is communism between two people. And in communism one side of the spectrum works harder than the other.

Price of sex with a woman aged 23-26 years for an hour is approximately KES 1,000 - something worthwhile.
Average number of times married men have sex with their wives is 2 times per week on the high side (official stats show its 54 times a year which is equivalent to a meager once per week).

So married claim to have access to endless sex - debunked by statistics.
Married men claim there are other benefits in marriage other than sex, let do the Math:

2 sex/week x 54 weeks = 108 sexes.
KES 1,000 per sex x 108 sexes = KES 108,000

So in a year, a married woman is contributing an equivalent of KES 108K to the marriage. Here we have made assumptions that:

  1. The wife is a hot as the KES 1000 hooker.
  2. The wife offers sex that is of the same quality as the hooker.
  3. The wife doesn’t nag as with the hooker.
  4. The wife only shows you her sex side 95% of the time just like the hooker - no farting, no taking a shit before going to bed, etc.
  5. The wife never ages past 26 years.
  6. The money covers other things: you don’t have to listen to her shit, she feeds herself, you don’t clothe her, she disappears whenever you don’t want her around, etc.

Married men can GTFO!

  1. You married for the sole purpose of having sex.

This is the ONLY reason to get married as a man, if you find yourself saying otherwise just face facts:

  1. You are married to a not so appealing woman.
  2. You in a dead marriage.
  3. You have accepted the fact that you are a cuck married to a slut.


How old are you?

Old enough to cherish that I’m not you :smiley: Old enough to tell that you’ve already fucked up.:smiley:

You gotta be pretty shitty looking (or poor ) for a hooker to nag you.

Huyu kijana is sick. He really need to see a psychiatrist.

Wanawake wa ktalk ni misogynists, which is a rare phenomenon to occur, evidence based on your comment

Even bringing you with your warped shit, to this world does not count? This village cannot go lower than this.

:D:D:D:D:D… MGTOW =FREEDOM…many men never do a cost benefit analysis of marriage and when they do ,they realize they have fucked up ,so they rationalize they poor decision with bullshit to Soothe their fragile egos.

Hii married men vs bachelors debate haitawahi isha. Let me save you guys some time. None is superior to the other and it boils down to individual circumstances. Some men are happy when single and others are happy when married. Pursue happiness, not compliance to social norms.

What is YOUR cost-benefit analysis of marriage bwana professor??

Marriage= beta male city , Reproduction=Alpha male heaven.

Marriage is for procreation,a woman will bring your offsprings to the world and take good care of them ,even as a man u can’t sex same woman twice a week it becomes boring.
Vijana oeni, mzalishe na kulea familia mbila simps complains,I don’t care what the woman earns or brings to the table all I care is the children are brought upright after they can handle themselves and have helped them manage their lifes comfortably the mother can fuck whoever she fucks even if she chooses a dothraki horse

How many kids do you have Alpha male??

I don’t know,baby mamas send me baby pics and I just press the ignore button.

Zero kids. That’s what I thought.

How old are you?

How about marriage and reproduction?