Sexual Truth 03.05.2022

All those broke mofos you see with girlfriends? Those girls don’t have much going on for them and thus fuck the lowlife niggas just to feel powerful over something in their lives. They get this feeling of power by keeping the broke guys confused over the status of the relationship.

Truth: You can’t maintain a relationship with a woman without money or something else she needs from you.

Umeamua kufunguka ki3rd person?

True, nilijionea mambo after my contract ended when I was relatively fresh from college.
Dem suddenly akaanza kuwa busy, frequency ya kumkula ikashuka na vile nilidhani sasa frequency ya kumkulia kwa bedshitter yangu ingeongezeka coz I now had all the time in the world. Hata Friday evenings banae dem sijui ana family meetings na takataka zingine ambazo sikuelewa.
I later realized that she had started dating mubaba mujinga ya DCI who was spoiling her with wine na expensive outings.

This we have all learned the hard way.

That is when you realize love… depends on the depth of your pocket…

No money no bitch

Hakuna za bure hii dunia.