Sexual Truth 02.12.2021

Couples are the loneliest beings. A woman in a relationship will constantly have a body language that screams, “come and rescue me please!”
Men in relationships are the neediest of all. I’ve seen many a married men spend weekends with single men and they won’t get any pussy but their wives will be so fumed up that they eventually cheat on their lame men. All men in relationships cheat with terrible women, of course, it is with logic that the cheapest women will accept a man committed to another woman. Married women will cheat with studs.

Field experiment: Go to any married male friend’s house, just pass by, and you will see how lost most of them are in their own houses.

Escape routes: Pombe na malaya, married men are the greatest defenders of why man would be a trick to a hooker. Sex is bought by losers ONLY. Other routes: social groups, the gym, house parties, etc. SIMPly pathetic.


@Yuletapeli ona huyu

Another lie. Nyundo find yourself a girlfriend.
Ukichengwa tulia


:D:D:D sambamba this is a case of one in a million. A good percentage of mgtow and team planteshen is happy. Mimi am very happy not complaining kabisa. Nine years in planteshen. Made right choices. The only area I face challenges is working with some employees. Otherwise maisha yangu Iko namna this:D

I can’t even imagine going back to bashera life. Infact I’m able to spend money responsibly and save way more than I could as a bashera.
Hizi responsibilities MGTOW huogopa za marriage life hukuwanga misplaced fears tu

Marriage is not complicated as they think. With the right woman, life is good. Kuendelea kimaisha inakuwa rahisi sana. Mtu anajipanga. Imagine a forty year old man stressed na madem kila time ana winda malaya…very sad.

Incels tukae wapi?

A man’s recipe for happiness is the following:

  • Good health
  • Reasonable wealth
  • Freedom (not in jail)

You notice that I did not mention marital status because it doesn’t matter. The contest between MGTOW and married men doesn’t always make sense. You can be unhappy in either.

Also, the three requirements are not foolproof. They won’t shield you from bouts of sadness from time to time, but they will help you to cope with traumatic experiences better. If you are healthy enough to go for a swim and rich enough to go on holiday for a week, you will deal with stressful situations better.

My advise; choose the path of least resistance to meet those three requirements.

Well put.


Cut this monologue, kid!

Shut up you old fart

Oh wait. You think I’m @nyundo wa komeo ?? You are wrong as always.

Omoisioyo yaa your handwriting is such conspicuous

Well, couples are different as well as people are all different.
I wonder how many couples have you studied in order to come to such conclusions? What does it mean ‘married people feel lost in their houses’? I feel that it is all about your personal circle of contacts. More than that, how do you know the private lives of all of these married people? Do you just judge about it from the outside? This whole post looks really insane for me and it definetely doesn’t hold any truth.

Where I come from, marriage works and those in the plantation are happy.

Kama ndoa kwenyu zinasumbua, kwetu ziko poa.