Sexual distinction between the Alpha male & the Betas, Omegas

To start with only Beta & Omega males pay for sex by procuring the service of a prostitute. Alpha males desist from the back alley whore. They look for the seemingly untamed mbiches to sample the goods first hand. When an Alpha male is truly done with a mbich the Betas like typical scavengers are left fighting for the left overs. A Beta male feels his only shot at pussy is by directly paying for it due to the belief that he doesn’t stand a chance with the regular untamed woman. Alpha males find a woman, pee on her to mark his territory and hit fresh uncontaminated pussy first hand.

Your keyboard/pad is faulty. …:smiley:

“find a woman, pee on her”


Every day the main discussion in this village is sex.

@uwesmake mnunuzi wa kuma kujia masomo ya uzeeni hapa

its kin to a world engine,bila ngwati we might as well discuss why the fresh water amoeba is so common

You mark territoty and someone comes along and pees on it? Nothing alpha about that.

How many virgins are available for alpha males to “kojolea?”
If you include under 18s in the count, plus rape and other social ills then you know how flawed your thought process is.