Sexual crime

@uwesmake indecently touched a minor,
@uwesmake raped a school kid ,
@uwesmake inserted his penis to an underage forming vulva ,
@uwesmake impregnated a school kid.
This motherfucker has a fetish on school kids on top of being an homosexual.
@uwesmake has recently engaged @magreb , talkers I know you think am crazy but follow the stupidity @magreb is typing nowadays. After they did some bukusu vodoo orgy @magreb magret mueni is nolonger a degree holder but a dick sucker .
I appeal to all government agencies to track down this animal who ontop of impregnating school kid rushed to proverbial ktalk karura forest.
And what pains me is some one two three talkers who don’t see the crime but have been brainwashed about santaphamarcy the good guy heading the good straight team .
Evidence .[ATTACH=full]500374[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]500375[/ATTACH]the child born by that form three juvenile [ATTACH=full]500376[/ATTACH]@magreb link with mzee @kanguthu who will direct you on adult diapers shops with 40% discount uanze kujipanga mapema .

Ukule breakfast kwanza. Meffi

Am fasting mpaka tushike huyu mkora .shenzi

What worse crime surpasses what you did to poyoloko after the balozi ruse in mlolongo where I hear madhe anauzanga pia? You are of degenerates. Walking around with a mango seed kwa mkush as watoto wanateseka Kitui. Maembe ikiisha watasurvive aje?

Hii Low IQ post ni ya 6:34AM early in the morning where the brain is expected to be at optimum, sasa nashanga mchana je si mjamaa atakuwa anasema vitu hazieleweki

nimalisiee izo maraya… Asante

@chap si wewe unauza mcoondur usiku yote na asubuhi unalala. Nikimalizana na hizi shenzi utajua jiji humbwer hii. Ulizaliwa kwa sewage saa kumi na mbili usisahau [ATTACH=full]500403[/ATTACH]

Gladly , they must die politically

@Douchebag confirmed @PHARMACY huuza mkundu 50 bob mlolongo . he fuckked him