Sextortionists Are Making AI Nudes From Your Social Media Images

source: Sextortionists are making AI nudes from your social media images (

How long before someone in KE does this?

Anyway, I can’t relate. I don’t have a single picture of me on the internet.


Somehow young Jimit knew this shit would one day come. Before my doing, I had cleared like 500 pics of me from the internet nkaacha zile za kitambooo


Well Well

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Niko na picha yako nilipe thao kumi ni delete

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Good luck with that. Nilibleach nkaput on weight mbaya.


Oooh please… who will extort you.

Your moda

Weka ile ya Shifo.

Hii kama si hyperbole then damn. Zilikuwa ma selfie ama? It’s too much.

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over the course of 3 years ni possible

Absolutely, it’s a disturbing trend that highlights the dark side of technology. It’s unfortunate how some individuals exploit AI to create fake nudes from innocent social media images. This serves as a reminder to be vigilant about our online presence and the information we share. Privacy settings and carefully selecting who we connect with can help minimize such risks, but we can never be completely immune.


I have been in less than 100 photos/images my whole life.


Kwangu hio inaweza fanya nikuwe kwa Guinness book of world records. I have less than twenty na mingi ni copies za passport photo na ID :grinning:


Instead of obsessing over Instagram likes and online validation, let’s prioritize genuine connections and real-life experiences. You can get instagrams likes by posting a pretty picture, you don’t have to do anything out of the ordinary.

Bot buana tunakuona

Trying to sneak in back links. :green_emoji:

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We don’t care

This is great I can do porn and blame AI !!