Sexperiment of life

When I started having sex, I used to be very uncertain after sex, of my performance, size of tool, body shape etc after sex., when I got used to it the feeling of after sex became lovely and even adopted cuddling my lover, small talk, sweet pleasantries and other shit, now my feeling of after sex is deep disgust and hate towards them and hope the earth swallows them auta my sight somehow, if away I just launch one of my perfected exit strategies, if at my place, I use actions and least words, to show them out coz I find it gross, and abhorring ever talking to them after that. Who else shares in my abode‍♂


Muthitiuu mee aa…:mad:

weatherman amesema mvua ni hadi lini?

The long-tailed planigale is the smallest marsupial. Only 6 cm body length and a 4.5 to 6 cm tail, the mammal weighs on average 4.3 grams and easily fits in a human fist.

Lol, but I noticed at some point in your growing up there are things that stop bothering you. Kitambo you used to care so much about kufikisha threshold. These days what matters is just busting that your nut, if she didnt that’s her problem. You owe nobody world class strokes. After all, we are in 2018, everyone should work for their own nut.

Sex is supposed to be a communion, not a trade commodity.

Uliza @uwesmake the proverbial @Kidinyi

Lol…that’s a fine way of brushing off your inadequacy .

Lol, clearly…life is too short…

What orientation? That may explain the disgust…

[SIZE=7]Soul tie…You need deliverance[/SIZE]

PNC man!!!. Its all about who you are having sex with. That disgust that you feel is towards yourself for demeaning your body by sleeping with what you consider to be an unworthy partner.

Washa kulala na malaya.

They screw standing??

Because you realize you paid for it or probably has something to do with the beastly women your banging, you think to yourself what am I doing with my life. Doesn’t feel great afterwards.:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

vile umeambiwa…acha kusimama na Malaya , mboches. hoodrats, ugly bitches, Bibi za watu, immature ladies .

Its because uliona urembo wa make up but after shagging you realize the damn pussy has no make up and you paid already, its post but clarity boss

hehehe true