Sexonomics ..

i see sex as special.
A special engagement

So if you gonna have sex please make it special
I am cognizant of the economic hardships we go through
Hell, i live and toil a living in this economy too
But if you gonna have sex please dont do it with the Ksh. 10 condoms; Salama and the likes
Sex is special, make it worth it, go for durex and other premium brands, how else to begin showing special with?

Another tragic thing is a man and a woman riding on a bodaboda in the morning or evening
Again, i understand the economic times we in
But how would that 20 bob you saved since you shared a bike help?
I see you two on a bike and my mind goes “hawa wanaenda kufanya tabia mbaya”
And i immediately feel pukey saliva welling up in my mouth in disgust
If you gonna hit her, take her to and from there respectfully

Lastly, get a decent venue. Nothing respects a lady than being sexed in a man’s house
or a decent guest house/hotel
Hii maneno ya lodging, bush and kwa gari mnatuchafulia madem tutaoa

if you gonna sex it, spend on it

Sisi watu wa machinani apana tambua Durex feather lite,wala Uber taxi.

All Mkatiano and mchadwano is local

Kuna ingine inaitwa mkuki, mambo bad, hiyo ni watu wanajua kadunga

Kuna ingine inajiita ndume ya bongo, comes in a six pack karibu na threashold.

How much?


toka hapa

Thanks Bingwa, these men need to know sisi ni watu wa durex feather lite…

Eti feather light. feather light ni dry fry tangu lini ukanyonya lollipop na karatasi?

Nothing is as sweet as spontaneous sex…kanashika anywhere…the riskier it is the sweeter