Sexist Society

Don’t you get tired? First and last time - will ignore you till you doubt your existence. Bitch!

Imenipita overhead



Mwisi ni mwisi hapana samehea

Oooooh! Kwahifio tuseme you would have been happier if they stripped the man and beat up the woman?

Refer to @Mediocre’s reply above. That’s the only way to humiliate a woman. She may get roughed up but she can’t get seriously beaten up the way men are because no matter the severity of the crime, men naturally have a soft spot for women. We are wired to protect women.

Alipostripiwa hakufa. That’s rather soft. I don’t see nothing wrong hapo

It is because it is the ultimate humiliation to a black woman. Her modesty is for her husband alone. Do you know Kikuyu men are supposed to and encouraged to whistle as they walk around outside the boma just in case a lady happened to be peeing in a bush so that she can either hurry up and finish or tell him to stop approaching inorder to avoid the embarrassment of him seeing her nudity?

Some retarded responses like this one makes me think some of you were actually spawned from actual cum Buckets.

Yenyewe its hard being a woman in this village. Big up to all the pink handle’s who never crumble under the insults, enuff respect.

This is so stupid I cannot find the words. Would you rather the woman be beaten bloody and the man stripped naked?

Where do you live? I’d like to bring you a soft copy of Common Nouns and Proper Nouns primer PDF… and possibly throw a large object, say an iron box, at you.

yet you shared her nude pics online… isokei

How about no one gets stripped?

If the entire scenario doesn’t look wrong to you, you are the stupid one. It’s barbaric.

how about no one steals from hardworking individuals?

Can you control a mob of even thirty people? Ni ngumu sana.

Oh cum on buckets! No need for gender(sic) violence. You can just email the .pdf, It’s a soft copy after all, right? Oh and you can also attach a GIF of a woman being bludgeoned with a large object… I don’t mind. Large is my favourite adjective.

nitumie hii vida ya you cumming on buckets