Sex workers BARE it all as they go on strike

Amazing scenes outside instagram HQ in London . Sex workers demand a meeting with the company, clear policies and an end to blocking workers’ accounts.


I sure hope admin pays you well for these click baits. Because I’m sure even you don’t enjoy them

Siwes mind fry dry

Their are three things that can never be ended in this world

  1. Prostitution
    3.Kuhanya .
    These started during onas time so who are you to stop them now .
  1. Understanding “there” and “their”

Thanks for memorising dictionary professor

Eloquence and good grammatical spelling won’t bring agram of food to my table brother MBOMB what is there is that the message has been passed .

Warudi kazi na wawache kusumbu

I wish I could avoid them

Actually he is right to correct you, considering your folk I assume paid for 12 years of education, the least you could do is master the use of simple English words like the ones mentioned.
Otherwise ungesema typo error and we move on. Being arrogant about it doesn’t help.

This Nigga here…

That’s just common sense

niko nyuma yao and kenya we must legalise straight prostitution

Now a group of 20 lanyes who are at best 6/10 ndio wanababaisha watu? Ignore.

I bet my left nuts, thos dudes there are their faithful boyfriends giving their wives moral support.

“Sex workers are not criminals, you are confusing us with politicians” , reads one of the placards.