Sex toys

Is the selling of sex toys illegal in Kenya??


Not really. Kuna watu wengi sana in Kenya selling them, ata there’s a lawyer that stopped practicing just to sell them as her full-time hustle

Kabisa ziko mpaka jumia .

@Tommy Lee Sparta kitunguu yako ita ungua.

Wacha hata Jumia, zina hadi mark ya KEBS

Sex Toys are psychological “crutches” used by sexually “lame” individuals …

Vibrating Ring.


For centuries , our forefathers enjoyed life without them …

A healthy lifestyle ( … rest , exercise , diet and good technique … ) is all that is needed to assure optimum performance …

Kuna kunguru najua anauza online. Good business

Nataka kuleta Samantha. Hakuna MTU anauza hiyo kenya watu wasare kunyonga nugu .

Ladies who use them end up becoming Nymphos

She admits to using one several times daily…
She Claims that Guys don’t perform well enough …


That’s what I’m talking about, they can’t get enough

The problem with her is she is just a pile of Bones …


My good friends. If selling sex toys is not illegal. Can one of you please hook me up with someone that can build a website. Investors fully welcome. NO BULLSHIT

Talk to Getrude Mungai

Uko na pesa ngapi nikutengenezee e-commerce site?

Nop ata jumia wamejaa nazo sana

Kabisa no wonder cervical cancer is ravaging women like no one’s business have you ever heard apenis vibrating ?

Hii City iko ya majamaa,wacha samanta