Sex tips for the elders

You may think I’m crazy for saying this, but I’m 100% serious here

If you have sex with a girl for the first time & her sweat stinks

Break things off right away

At best it shows that you two don’t match on a biological level

At worst it means she’s very unhealthy (for you)

What if the girl thinks you SMELL like a segere, what is she to do, hmmm Digiboy?

Kîhiiiiiii humbwa koko ya manspaa chiet taktak ibilisi

It’s not upon alpha mentality to engage in what a lady thinks

Kîhiiiiiii humbwa koko ya manspaa chiet taktak ibilisi

where did that alpha, beta or any Greek alphabet nonsense come from?

from men who cannot get laid without paying

kiiihii wewe ni virgin

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