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mike olive is a loser.

@TrumanCapote wapi link. Huyu mzungu alifyeka independent women. Hata wewe hutaponyoka.

I wonder if this man even knows how much of a legend he has become in Kenya.

makena hii picha ilikua imewekwa kwa thread ingine hapa wacha kuirudia [SIZE=1]ama alipita na wewe :D:D:D:D:D[/SIZE]

A legend na all those women are below average?:D:D:D. Na wangekuwa above average mngemuita aje? Zeus? Kweli pesa hainunui class.

kuna talkers wanaweza break the internet

apana cheza na elders

Lol why so salty?

Where is da salt nigger, this some low class shit. It is what it is. Low class pictures even.

There are many who come as sex tourists…xvideos search Africancasting and afro4K

If they are average low class women why are you so butthurt about it?

Where is the pain in my comment brother? I am making an observation. Why does my observation upset you, sir?

I’m just making an observation too. You seem incensed at the fact that this mzungu is popular for banging average low class women. I’m just trying to understand why. Shouldn’t you be pitying him instead?

Am I not pitying the whole situation by my comments. In fact I just observed, I actually don’t give a fuck. It’s an observation. If you pass by a dry field of maize, you say it is a dry field of maize. Those who get offended by that observation can suck dick.

You don’t give a fuck but you stopped by to drop several comments on the topic, then passively aggressively lash out at someone who points it out. Okay…

Every woman with an opinion is aggressive to a disturbed man. Boy bye

You’re not a woman but okay

Did you give birth to me through your short shaft and checked my gender with your crossed eyes and determined in your Short-one-meter-running-brain that I was male? Well, here is my cis gender female opinion: Read Jack and the bean stalk. Mxm

Okay tree holder.

Mimi ile Maisha mimi huishi atanipata wapi? Kwanza with Corona, I’m on serious lockdown. Hapana tambua mzungu.