Sex talk

Good news , the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) has banned sex talk during the daytime on radios. These non sense talk during watershed period is gone. The rules say:

“…no broadcasting station shall air programmes, including interactive call-ins or discussion sessions, whose content is suitable for adult-only audience during the watershed period,”

gagging the media…

Watershed period ndio gani tena


Who cares unless you were dropped head first as a kid.

watershed is the point in time after which programmes with adult content may be broadcast.


5 am mpaka 10 pm

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Somebody must be targeting classic fm

Hao media council ndio watoto… these kids have access to raw porn via smartphones, stricter controls will not help, it’s just getting to use our media wisely to educate the youth about being responsible and safe sex… coz lazima watu wakamuane

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hizo pornsites na xvideos zifungwe and only allow access where somebody fills out the Id details

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:eek: nani ataweka id no. yake kwa xvideos


bingo! curtailing freedomd without curtailing them

kwani uko pea brained mukubwa

good! classic was garbage.

Mimi hakuna kitu huni bore like some Swahili radio stations. A half baked presenter plus a non schooled comedian starts a topic on their own. They take sides of a stupid hekaya then ask listeners to call and give their opinions. Guys esp from western start calling and the presenters even enjoy and diss them. Can you picture msito Bju calling Awinja sijui Jalas wa Upuus na kuanza…huyo mwanamke kwa maoni yangu naona anatesa buanake…blah blah…nkt. Huwa naskia Kama naeza enda hiyo station na nyahunyo.


you and me both. nowadays naskizanga mix yangu personal. ama one fm juu ya ngoma za kiafrika.

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Its been long over due, nothing more annoying than those fucked up hekayas and you are in the car with your old lady who is the chair to your church’s women prayer group. Thats when you realize why the steering wheel audio control is the next best thing since sliced bread (God bless the dude who thought of that idea). kuna siku karibu niambiwe niweke gari kando niombewe


Mimi sisemi kitu juu ata watershed sijui ni nini…Anyway, they rarely force anybody to listen/contribute unless you are in a matatu where you ability to change the station is limited.

They should stop controlling the media now that they easily controlled the Judiciary just the other day.

Presenters wana utoto mob sana.

kuna haki za watu flani zinakanyagiwa

i disagree. not all have access. some parents are great enough to protect their children and bring them up well. lets save them the radio sex talk and save them for tommorrow. wako kama ana uhuru wacha aendelee huko xvideos, its up to you.