Globally, brilliant people are gays
In Kenya, the richest and/or the successful are gays

I havent interacted on a personal level with gays… but i have noted that people who
are rich and ingenous tend to have wierd sex habits. Most of them ni vitombi mbaya.

i have seen enough of them

Sex addicts but very good at what they do

I drawn a correlation that to be successful, you need to have an excess sex lifestyle.’ecran-prison-break-–-michael-scofield-7.jpg

Does @uwesmake & @culture fall here ?? Asking for @admin .

@Bingwa Scrotum = @Mtanzania Magufuli = @Horus = @mishty = @ranjeet = alshabab = homosexual .


Look around. For more.

You of all dumbheads should agree with me

niwache .

bingwa is a successful multihandler he/she/it is also gay


hii story umeandika nimesoma mara tano na sijaelewa .

you are now becoming irrelevant…comment on the original post instead

its true ask any other villager the nosense you have written haieleweki

@Bingwa Scrotum you remind me of a certain doctor who used to be a very close friend of my best friend in high school. So my friend used to receive free medication(and contraceptives) na pocket money kwa wingi from the guy, alaf mi nakulia kando kando indirectly. One day he was admitted for two days in the same hospital(but I had not heard him complain of being unwell before). We went to check on him, (me, his gf and other classmates) tukampata analia. Since then, story ya kuenda hospitali kwa James ikaisha

sawa VS

How many friends of friends are we talking Bout, hebu chora picha hii story haileweki

my friend utarudi Nyakiminja primary sch, then uambie yule mtu alikufunza arefund io pesa yako.

naona umeongea na manki a edit reply yangu ama wewe ni handle moja ya admin


I don’t mind being mistaken for anybody. Except that idiot @Mtanzania Magufuli. And I can assure you he is not Bingwa


Alifunguliwa boot