Sex party

I have seen this somewhere being advertised, I can’t prove the authenticity of the advert but we get the views of ktalkers who have more information about it… If available how many ktalker will attend?[ATTACH=full]227802[/ATTACH]


This was posted here tukachambua tukachoka


What were you looking for to bump on the advertisement

Hapa thirsty beta males watanyoroshwa entrance fee watajua hawajui.

Wait, even if it were real…people attend these parties??Call me old skul

Thirst is real, I won’t be surprised to find talkers like @digi and @Maombi hodari on the trail

Ongeza @under23 hapo

How stupid can you guys be : if you were geniuses like me mungejua this chebet hoe wants to take her Telekram channel mainstream …alafu the many horny perverts like @Motokubwa & @The.Black.Templar & @Kimakia watalipa the fee and start doing kegels while waiting for the big day …and nothing will happen …

so these perverts will want to kimbia to police stations to report they were scammed kuenda sex party but juu ya aibu and it’s a crime …they 'll dismiss the thought and instead wataweka mikia yao katikati ya miguu and curse their ignorance …in short , issa scam

This is fake but i have been to a few sex parties(very easy if you are in the right circles), the problem is that people are ugly, i ended up being the most attractive.

let me guess …everybody there was wealthy and you knew them all !

every uni has sex parties( right circles ni muhimu)…hizo za birrioneas ni very boring(been to one only)

My bullshit detector says it is a scam. If you sent that money enda lilia kwa bar.

Never been to a sex party …anyway , the only sex party I can attend ni kama there are 2 to 20 ladies (no prostitues) and am the only guy !
Now that’s a party…

Riuuuu rii nikii kiuru…am not a member in any telegram channel…mimi nakulaga vitu live live

The only time I go to Ruiru is to check out RE & commercial plots in Ruiru town for my billionaire investor.

Ruiru never seems to grow
Its only recently we have heard a new road being built from Ruiru to a small town of kamaiko.
Still not enough

:D:D:D hawa washalipa saa hii wanaishi email Gari for the road trip

This things has all the markings of Fyre festival if you’ve watched the netflix series…I assume you all have smart tvs

Hehehe!You just had to mention me