Sex on the first date

I want to make it clear for all the ladies.
When we invite you for that date and buy you booze and nyama we have not come to enjoy and talk, we usually have one agenda, hitting that coomer and hitting it hard. Otherwise if we wanted to have a good time we would have gone and watched a soccer game with our boys.
Its so unfortunate buying a chic booze worth 10k halafu anakuambia.’ I don’t feel like it ’ or the common one ’ Sorry babe am on my Ps’. Be informed tutaurarua hivo hivo

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Just for amphasis let me repeat you [FONT=‘Times New Roman’][SIZE=6]‘hitting it hard’[/SIZE][/FONT]

I think they know this that is why you need to spend money that you are willing to lose without taking it too hard and causing a fuss. In the end akikataa there is nothing one can do. Chances are when she first gave you the number in her mind she had already made a decision whether or not she will ever be interested in sleeping with you


kweli brathe

Sad but true. Lakini hiyo story ya kununuliana machupa to get into a woman’s panties ni tricky sana. Most men are usually disappointed.

Nani that’s how it works. Nothing comes for free brother

Mature men do not rape. We just request pay back of our hard earned cash well spent

Roxanne’s article on this week nairobian ‘Men, an expensive dinner does not guarantee you sex’ is pure nonsense
Most of us already have condoms in our coat pockets when going for such dates. Hizo condoms Si za kuvaa kwa miguu ati kumekuwa baridi… Ni za action. Highlight Action

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Usijidanganye. That doesnt work bro. Unless its your regular lay. Or you are dating a very dumb cunt. How do I blow away 10k on a stranger???:confused: because ati nataka coomer??? which most likely will underwhelm me even if offered? If you can, avoid taking first dates to clubs. Your first date could get drunk and become one wild pig and even end up insulting you for no reason after you have spent your money on her. She may not even be a drinker but pretend to appear “classy”, leading to disaster. I prefer buying a meal and her plate will cost me between 500 and 1k and i can let that go without pain. That way, am able to read a person’s demeanor and attitudes before going into pillaging my bank account to please a stranger.

On the other hand, a drink is good because she ends up telling you what she thinks of you and what she has been doing lately. But dont give yourself expectations of pussy because she might not be the type. Be ready to decline paying or to dump her if she asks for drinks you cant afford.


That’s a great observation and advice too bro.
However it should be noted that.

  1. With your regular lay you do not have to spend with expensive dates. In this case you both know when you want it and you both consent to it. You ask and you are given.
  2. This does not work for strangers because you are not yet aware if they are an easy target.
    However ladies falling in the category are the one you have met, contacted each other and engaged in a sexy chit chat. When you finally call her for the date she should be knowing it’s the finality of all the sexy chit chats. It should be someone who is already expecting it

yea the chit chat sana sana za watsapp…unamwambia kimchezo mchezo atume ka nipple, halafu kaboob anatuma…so unajua unaeza pata chance ya kunyonya
maboy unaeza aje enda tu nunulia manzi ma jamesons ovyo ovyo ati ndio alewe ulalie yeye(uzuri wao ufunguka na kuropokwa ovyo) but usiexpect putthy…
First put her in the mood even before you meet, such that wen u are meeting she knows she may be dicked tonight…
kama manzi hana dalili ya kukupea hapana waste tym yako…anafaa aone wewe ni walking dyk befor mmeet…but anafaa awe mangable(Dry Fry)
kama manzi hujawai mwambia ungependa vitu…ujawahi kumweka kwa moods,halafu unaxpect upewe tu juu ya beer?

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Naona hapa kuna wahenga

Not all women will take dirty talk on whatsapp kindly especially if you are yet to go for the first date. If you have met and had time to express yourselves to each other as a pair, then that was your first date. Nobody said dates must be in clubs or restuarants. Clever women wont send you a picture of nipples at any time these days. That is synonymous with perverts on the internet. You are most likely to come across as one except for when you are interacting with cheap whores and eager gold diggers.

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from experience buda…you first start small small talks ofcourse then you graduate gradually to this level, i didnt mean you wake up one morning or a boring evening and ask for a nipple…bottom line is the way you vibe a chic determines whether you friend zoned or not and even to friends i talk dirty…but to the one i wanna bone i am aggressively dirty

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ths reminds me of wen i was in a new town. . a certain manager friend to my boss … invited me for drinks after a meeting , sikujua ni team mafisi then… 8 glasses of wine later hakuwa anaamini he was soo drank( after 5 beers kumbe he never drank alot) thts wen i was getim energy to dance
To cut the story short … hes a very good pal to date

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a woman need not be drunk to unleash the holy grail. its not entrapment jameni. a man should strive to win over a lady when she has total control of her faculties. the art of flattery and self confidence are the bench marks of sack Knight while the readiness to accept a NO is the hall mark of a climber. it takes guts to talk your way into a level headed lady’s nickers. patience and right words are integral. remember always to appreciate coz, when all is said and climbed, a woman’s body is the best gift she can Ever offer you…,… I seriously must consider a forum to educate chivalry. its not a snatch and bolt affair. I have hit several first dates and when I climbed off, they retained more dig unity than they could have had I hit it on the eighth date. use words, not wads.


so did he get it that night?


Those are words of wisdom bro

With a mind like that, why wouldnt women want to keep you as a pet. And why wouldnt you break your back to get the pussy regardless of the cost?.

Uncle @mabenda4 hebu funza makurutu kama mimi hii maneno…kwanza iko mmoja ananisumbua sana.