Sex in Marriage :What's In It For The Woman

Is this what we have to look forward to? Marriage is the holy grail of male entitlement. How do you talk to your wife like this? And expect her to be itching for some testatrone. You know one of the most shocking things I’ve learned is that men can be more horrendous to their wives than to a prostitute. It’s tragic. I saw on Oprah once this lady in 35 years of marriage she hadn’t had one orgasm or climax. Miaka THIRTE FAE. I was asking myself kwani by end of year one the husband could not tell she’s not cumming ama it was as long as he gets his, then what does he care about hers. But for 35 years. Damn!!! Hio si utumwa like the white masters and the female black slave. It’s all about the man and he just uses his wife to masturbate like a blow up doll. Crushing. Slavery is as real as it ever was.