Sex for sale lokeshens

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Import from Mùkuru wa Zuckabaga

KITALE: - Along line moja and outside Mbuni hotel. These are Bukusu, Kalenjin, Sabaot, Kikuyu and some Turkana. It is only 200 bob per shot and a room is 100 bob or you take her to a room of your choise. If you pay 500 bob you can get dry fry (No condom)

KAKAMEGA: - Outside club signature and that stretch up to Mama watoto supermarket. Majority are Luo and Luhya and then some few Kikuyu. Sex is 200 bob but any addition can with you a ka fry.

BUNGOMA; - Hawa ni Bukusu tupu na wako kila mahali. Sex can be as cheap as 50 bob.

KISUMU: - These people are unique. They will charge you up to 1000 bob and after sex they can use the who amount buying you beer especially if you have a nice mkulumbeti.

ELDORET: - Kale and kiuk. Very expensive sex. You can hear an ugly looking old athlete asking for 5k a shot. Even the rooms are expensive.

KERICHO: - Hapa ukitaka kuma imetairiwa ya mkisii utaipata. Cost ni kama kitale tu.

KISII: - Here you will get even underage prostitutes. I don’t know why but I am meant to understand those underage have very huge holes. I am told that ukijaribu kutomba kamoja, mboro ita slide hadi ufungiwe brakes na makende.

NAKURU: - Here lies professional prostitution. It is either you pay 500 bob a shot hadi umwage or you pay 200 bob, dem akate slice ya candle na awashe. Hiyo candle ikizima unatoka hata kama haujamaliza. They are in almost all streets and they encourage sex in the cars kwa wale wahoga.

NAIROBI CBD: - Here I will mention the joints starting from Sabina Joy (We commonly call it St. Joseph’s girls), Green Mordan, Kericho inn, Good hope, Nairobi Kitale, Tea room, …

MLOLONGO: - These ones have a room, condoms and some water to clean the dick. A shot is 500 bob unless you want to fuck from the parking or under a lorry. I am a registered member number 135 here.

MACHAKOS: - Just at the roundabout the street opposite the church. The problem with Machakos is that you will see very beautiful girls during the day and at night all thung’ustus and ngustatas show up.

MACHAKOS JUNCTION: - All prostitutes here died of AIDS.

EMALI: - Very humble girls. If you don’t have money, they will tell you to pay next time.

MASIMBA, MAKINDU, KIBWEZI, MTITO, VOI, MAUNGU $ MARIAKANI: - Here sex is negotiable. Majority of customers are truck drivers

MOMBASA CBD; Cheap sex is at Saba Saba and majengo

Now women, before you raise your voice on your man, note that if he has a K, he can have up to 5 different vaginas. Don’t you tell me about AIDS because prostitutes are the most secure, clean and healthy women. They are checked regularly lest they spoil the business.

(Tomorrow I will talk about Nkubu, Meru, Thika, Matuu, Kitengela, Oloitokitok, and Kitui)
Ya Thika ni Skymotel and Rwambogo hotel.
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Stop encouraging irresponsible sexual behavior. Any man who dry fries a whore is a fool that is how HIV is being spread… Meffi

Get with the times. The article should be updated to include




Craigslist, Eskimi

Hizo ni kama werewolves?

Wa panay si umegurumisha thread gware Ajab

Buda…bitches from those sites think their coomer is worth alot of cash. Heri wale wa soo mbili ama tatu mnamalizana.


Eskimi issa zoo.

Btw Wasee hukosa kuma kabisaa mpaka huresort kwa kununua maku ya malaya?

Men talking about vagina even before mmalize kuteremsha chai ya patel

hehehehe i also got lost there

Hao ni red flags… Watakuchoma na kitu haina hats dawa

Apana tambua malaya

hii ni gani tena! samantha ako na kitu adjustable na hasumbui


what breed of whores are these?:D:D:D:D

luwere.R.I.P for a job well done

This is how a fool dies

Why buy a cow when you only want a litre of milk… After taking changaa a hoe is a must.

Manze ata mimi nashangaa hizo ni nini?