I’m quarter way watching the exposé documentary by BBC Africa that was done in Kericho, and I’m beyond disgusted. A bunch of sick, perverted dogs have infected close to 500+ women and molested underage children during their 20+ year spell at the job, infecting most of them with HIV. The sad thing is that this vice happens throughout the country. You have to ask yourselves, where will your daughters resort to? Your wives as well, bring all kinds of diseases home because of some sick, twisted pervert who holds some “power” over you financially.

As all these types of debauchery happen, one thing still stands though. There’s a day coming where everybody will have to answer for their actions, whether good or bad, and it will be more tolerable for Sodom and Gomorrah than what those people will experience I tell you. 2 Corinthians 5:10, Matthew 12:36

The following are the worst in terms of sex for jobs

  1. Flower farms
  2. Tea plantations.
  3. County governments.
  4. Saccos.
  5. Ktda factories
  6. Hotels
  7. Schools
  8. Banks
  9. Universities
  10. Airlines

I stopped watching these BBC documentaries because at the end of it, am only filled with anger and hatred towards those in power.
We are wasting billions of shillings towards financing the offices of women representatives that only push the agenda of their part leaders. Like I have watched how Kenyan women are being forced into prostitution huko India and yet those pigs are busy shouting Azimio or Kenya Kwanza bullshit. This country is just Fucked up

This is very common in almost all industries.

Ata Capital FM, Chris Kirubi alikuwa ana-sample soft meat kabla awapatie kazi.

I also know a lecturer who used to sample campus girls in exchange for “missing marks”.

The same thing happens in law firms, banks, restaurants, night clubs, hospitals e.t.c.

Why are people shocked and acting like this sex for work only happens in tea farms?

This is very Kenyan behavior. You won’t find such nonsense abroad or in international companies run by foreigners.

But the minute Kenyans gets into upper management in a multinational company, that’s when they start asking for sex from potential female employees.

So basically everywhere

Hii Kenya hakuna bar maid hupewa kazi kama hajadinywa. When it comes to the corporate sector now it is worse because promotions are sexually transmitted

Ongeza angel and darling weave factories

Kipmenos are just nasty, alafu the way they were asking for sex was so creepy and rapey

Umesahau EPZ


Hii si about wakale only. Shenzi sana. Anyway, hawa wasee wameletea Kenya aibu. Kwanza huyo wa pili mwenye ako na ukedi amenikalia a proper predator. Waah.

Ladies have been offering their bodies for bigger opportunities since the time of Ruth in the bible… Utapata the BBC journalist was kulwad mkia by some mzungu to land her spot there

Nowadays it’s almost everywhere. The other day when recruitment for teachers was happening, princy alinishow a slay queen came with a letter from an office of a vocal guy in Western. The lady looked arrogant and she could barely express herself

Princy played dump and tried to be inquisitive, the lady stepped out in a moment and what followed is call from TSC. Baadaye county director of education akamshow huyo ni one of the concubines wa "mkubwa*

Kama hapa, if we’re honest, Azziad got that government job because Ababu Namwamba wants to tap that ass – or he already did.


I was attending a funeral over the weekend and we sat with wazees at some back seats na ile maneno niliambiwa juu ya wanawake working class! PHEW I almost demanded mine to resign with immediate effect. There is a certain lady who spoke on behalf of the governor, nikaambiwa anafanya Bomet County kama CEC but no mboga ya Sakaja. Mwingine akasimama kuongea nikaambiwa amepewa job board ya parastatal fulani juu ni mboga ya mkubwa. Then finally the big catch came when a certain high school lady senior principal stood to speak, everybody said ni mboga ya former president na bwana yake amefanywa driver wa kumpeleka naivasha akipeleka bakuli kwa mkubwa. It’s a sad world.

It’s a done deal. In this game it’s nipe nikuoe

Maybe that is what the females have to offer

Corporate managers na supervisors kama @Koolibah huwezi wapata hapa.

It is a man eat man society

My first job after campus tuliingia 4 people, fresh graduates, 3 ladies and I, 1 gent, 6 months down the line, 2 of the ladies were earning +30k.
1 yr later i was still earning same salary.

I just worked on my skills nikajichuja hiyo place.

Sexual transactions are popular in corporate jobs.