Sex Espionage - PNC Theory Rebutted

I enjoy espionage movies and documentaries, but the one on KGB’s sex espionage is the most lethal I have ever watched, and their sex school would be either better or equal to Mossad. After seeing how the NKVD/KGB used sex espionage to extract information from suspects, I have realised that a moment before eventual PNC sets in(from 5 minutes above), a man is most vulnerable, immediately after the nut. The original PNC theory proposed earlier therefore stands rebutted.

Former British Defence Minister John Profumo used to screw one of the gals on his desk, where “Top Secret” Documents were kept, and the discovery brought down the government.

If the NIS could try these things, even the Alshabaab would be defeated very fast, these guys were very lethal, problem is that some of our officers drink in bars and when high they begin to shout “unajua mimi ni NIS, mchunge sana” just to attract barmaids for a quick shot. Sex is the most emancipating activity…including for men burdened with secrets.
Just watch the video below.

Honey traps huwa noma sana

Noma zaidi…and when a man is excited he starts to think with the head down there, mtu kama @Female Perspective can be a very good spy.

:D:D:D…and maybe the barmaid hajui hiyo ni nini

Unfortunately, most Kenyan women are not attractive enough to be used as bait or spies. No wonder it takes me so long to cum…for a woman to be a good spy, she has to be both attractive and intelligent. Most are attractive but not intelligent. Niaje @Chloe :frowning:

I guess you’ve never encountered a tight and very hot pu$$y, utaimba national anthem in your mother tongue as you spew your fluids uncontrollably

Yeah…but how many? Very few

Wueeeeh mwoto sana. But locally, I think it is used for corporate espionage on a low scale. Very hot and intelligent mamas av met with very lethal mind games for info extraction

corporate espionage ni poa,admin wa Wazua anatuma de mmoja msupa kwa @Electronics4u halafu scandal inatokelea

Some asset management and life insurance firms do that.

Intelligence kiasi tu. One can be trained.

Mi wacha niseme nakuanga rada and can recognize a trick question from afar.

:D:D:D ndio maana kuna influx ya annoying NVs.

The head of the NKVD conducted the interviews him self. Out of hundreds of applicants, he had to choose only 20 to be the first students of the soviet secret school of sex intelligence!!!

They were known as the swallows!!!

:D:D:D:D I can’t take the guys voice seriously