Sex ed 101 - How to stimulate her G-spot and make her squirt

First things first, where is the G-spot?

Some people say the G-spot doesn’t exist but hey, it does exist, about 2 inches inside the woman’s VAGINA. And it’s in between the Vagina and the URETHRA. So in short, it lies on the VAGINA’s ceiling, assuming the woman is lying down on her back.

How do we stimulate the G-spot?

  1. I recommend that before doing any stimulation, give her a nice massage to make her relax. Or whatever you do to make her relax. Put her in an ORGASMIC STATE OF MIND. This is very very important, skipping this step won’t work.

  2. Put her into position with her legs apart. Flick her clit slowly but firmly, until she starts gyrating her hips to the rhythm of your fingers. Listen to her breath for cues on when to shift to second gear. We are doing this to get her wet, she should get wet pretty fast if you had already put in her in an ORGASMIC state of mind. If she doesn’t get wet, lick her clit and labia sensually until she’s wet.

  3. Using your forefinger and middle finger together, penetrate her VAGINA with your two fingers. Make sure your fingers are spotlessly clean. The vagina is very sensitive. Slowly but sure, insert your fingers about two knuckles deep - knuckles ni hizi “magoti” za vidole.

  4. That’s around where you’ll find the G-spot, which is around 2-3cm sized spot. You will feel a wrinkle sort of texture on it. Jackpot!!! You’ve found her G-spot.

  5. Sometimes the G-spot might not be felt at first. So with your fingers still in there, start doing a “come here” motion with your fingers. That spot will start swelling and the G-spot will feel apparent to you.

  6. Do the “come here” motion for a while, start slow, and increase pace slowly, until you are now doing it harder and harder. The more you continue doing this, the more she gets aroused.

  7. What will happen is she will feel her bladder has become full, and might feel the urge to pee. At first she will be uncomfortable with the mess she might create in bed but reassure her it’s okay. let her relax and release it.

Signs she’s about to have a squirty orgasm

  1. She starts to shake
  2. Her muscles contract

The liquid will come out gushing, depending on how you positioned yourself, you might get washed all over. :smiley:

Congrats bro!!

You just made her squirt, she won’t go looking for a vibrator next time. :slight_smile: She will live to tell the tale to her girlfriends and cousins, and who knows? those other chicks might come looking for you to make them squirt :wink:

** For live demonstrations, call this toll free number 1-800-GSPOT

Sexpert Okwonkwo,
United Metropolitan Bird Watchers Association.

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I think a video would do a better job or a drawing with labels

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