Sex biashara everywhere.

What the F is wrong with everyone? Kwani Kenya kila mtu ako obsessed with sex bana?

Huwezi kuwa na a decent conversation with a lady in FB or whatever platform without receiving some flashing???

Hapa ktalk watu ni experts wa sex and marriage, lanyes na Matusi tu.

Have noticed that most othe categories are not as active as this one.
Everyone is an expert on this.MGTwhatever, relationships, sex,lanyes.

I went through the thread posted about Andrew KIBE and truly, watu Wana shida na ndoa.Its a choice ferkers, I you wanna do it,just do it. Do not justify it’s success or failure.

FYI, marriage is sanctioned by GOD and it’s the first institution established in His kingdom.

In these crazy times sex is the only therapy

It is a sad state of affair. Yesterday a talker went to some rural area called Bondo and all he could think of is walking all over the place looking for prostitutes

Cool down sir and have some tea so that your libido improves like everyone else[ATTACH=full]381121[/ATTACH]

itabidi uhamie afghanistan buda, at least huko wanaongelea bunduki.

My Libido is very fi e ThankYou Sir. It’s just that it doesn’t overwhelm my thoughts and actions.
Quite the opposite, in my yesteryears I was as @Randy as they come.its only that time is gone to prioritize that shiet now.
Family, biashara and ultimate well being has taken over the chain of priority.

Nilikam kuona Instagram madame kama wote ni kama wako soko, including the married ones. Advertisements for AS.S everywhere.

I have literally never seen a woman on Instagram, between 18 and 40, who hasn’t tried to get ahead by sexualizing her content e.g ass pics, suggestive dancing etc.

Show me God’s marriage certificate

That’s really the purpose of IG for that age group.

Ukionyeshwa utasoma na hutwo tumacho tuwili tunatumianga rhodopsin?

The only women I have seen maintaining decency on instagram are the likes of Rubadiri and Janet Mbugua probably because their careers require it.

Most women between 18 and 40 ni just advertising their goodies huko to the highest bidder.

we are all stressed and the quickest way out is to nut

Wapi the MGayTOW crew when you really need them?

Basi acha wale wanapitia hiyo period waenjoy maisha na choices zao.

Why lament about what you went through? Si ungecomplain at that time? Why now when you’re past that phase?

And while at it, why do you think even corporates resort to sex appeal when marketing their products?

Lanye wako everywhere

Nimenyonga mara kama kumi ivi from just seeing her legs. So Sielewi vile unasema She is decently not displaying her goodies

@culture wewe ni meffi ya bata mzinga

nguruwe ya abdul rudisha kiyambis senate


:D:D:D:D:D… MGTOW =FREEDOM… your naivety is shocking to say the least ,men and women can NEVER be friends or interact in any other platform that doesn’t involve sex,there is someone whose being lied to or lying to the other,just accept evolution as it is .