Sex between cousins is not illegal in Kenya, says court

hii ni laana

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ati wat?:confused:

Kukula cuzo once sii makosa. Makosa ni kurudia:cool:

Said the man who knows the dick size of the pukusu shepart…

exactly… mugiroo

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Riswa!!!, Kurris!!! , ‚Äúspeats on the dirt in disgust, mumbles a few words and faints‚ÄĚ




Wueeh… TATA iko deliveries Ruaka…Two Rivers.
Msee amenyonga hadi kuku imespeat…


Consanguine sex is out of the question!

The way incest nowadays was popular… The floodgates have now opened up and sasa wataoana hata…

kukamua ile najua was ile ya tene tukiwa wajunior… kutoa umama na uvajo but under the guise of childhood sai ukikula Cuzo utakuwa unajiletea shida plus chics are many… it’s unsafe to inbreed

I guess I don’t disagree with this ruling because our constitution doesn’t outlaw the relationship in any way but from a moral perspective it’s wrong on all angles
though I have gorgeous cousins my pipe stays asleep near them lest I pull a Lot stunt

i actually doubt the ruling will in any way affect the incidence of sex between cousins. no one is going out of their way to have sex now that they cannot be jailed…

hehehe Jameson ime mwagiliwa ili nimaliswe, Ango hautoboi round hii, nta toa za Tyron Woodley hapa

Boss,the incest going on is off the charts… Usione tu watu hapo… Now they will have guts zaidi to make a move to new territories… This story by itself will open up conversation and the naughty will indulge…

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true…jus try and have a conversation on this ruling with a cuzo uone kama hautapewa bila kondoshe…juu the level of kuelewana will be so high

Precisely… The indulgence will now increase

and what does the law say about dry frying sister in law?