Sex and nyonyo

loving this village ? full of advice n alot of bullshit

I remember being in your circumstance with almost all my kids and their mums and i learnt very early on…Mother Knows Best. Ukitaka kuleta friction between you and wife ebu try and question their mothering skills.
When the baby is that young its already a very stressful time for all of you and the best thing to do in very stressful times is to Shut The Faq Up because anything you say can and will most definitely be used against you at a future date!
Ata ukiona kabisa anashindwa ku-cope always say it in a very compilmenting way e.g ukimkuta akisumbuliwa in the middle of the night you could tell her ‚Ķ‚Äúpole sana ,do you think we should start bottle feeding the baby now,that way i can help when you are tired‚ÄĚ Hapo umemcheza reverse psychology which will make her re-think her decision and nobody gets hurt.
Anyway,kila situation ni tofauti but never criticise and always support.Hiyo kazi apana mchezo!




I may have failed as a Husband but i will never stop trying to be a good father.
Anyway,what would you know about women?; You can`t even get a hard on without paying first.

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@Purr_27 are those your lips in that avatar? :slight_smile:

ha haa. haujamwambia poa

ha haa. haujamwambia poa


Achia mtoi nyonyo miezi nane atmost baadaye ambia mama watoto apake pilipili kwa nyonyo,within a week you will have reclaimed back your assets.

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mtoi should breastfeed for an uninterrupted period of six months.This helps boost its immune system and therefore ensuring its healthy and stress-free lifestyle. Otherwise you will be constantly taking it to the clinic over simple coughs ad colds issues…after the six months you can comfortably introduce it to other foods

I disagree. Mwache anyonye hadi yeye mwenyewe akatae. You’ll be glad you did.


Hehehe, a nice one. Kuna picha fulani caption goes like (nothing worse like old age and boredom) mahali bwana anapima matiti ya bibi yake iki shrink annualy.

Kwa hivyo dakitari unamaanisha ata akifikisha miaka mbili na bado analilia nyonyo utaruhusu aendelee,HUJUMA HUJUMA HUJUMA!

Zako zimesug if I many ask? Ooh ferks, just remembered you said yours are guavas .

He he . . i think we shuld have a klost…sorry ktalk masquerade party to see the guys who say crazy. .

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sijui kwa nini mimi humbao nikiona dame ako na ball…pole purr hii comment ni out of topic…but cjui kama ni fetish ama ni nini

derailment…na kwa nini manzi masupuu sana woa uona haya wakiwa na ball?

Coz you look at her and think ‚ÄėHaha, ulikuliwa bila cd‚Äô and she senses it.

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:)I know what you did last summer.:slight_smile:

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