The best show on TV right now. This show is something else.


Ujinga ya ktalk, you post something saying “its nice”,“something else”…how? Now i have to go aaaaaaaalll the way back just to read the synopsis which you could have easily pasted here but no. A trailer would have availed

Yeah… I don’t bother any more. It’s just a heads up and I’m gone. Cope harder.

Next time kwenda post it kwa offers and discounts forum. Cope hader-er

si mbaya but its not the best . kwanza walinibore zile ujinga za office parties mtu anapewa present ya kukula chocolate na ku dance kwani tuko kindergarten ghassia.

naipea 6/10 . though it has a more cryptic message

The tension and mystery iko juu sana. Hata the idea ya office party unabaki ukishangaa the motives behind it.


Did we watch the same show?

Just finished the last episode… What a way to end the show… Jesus christ this season was absolutely fantastic can’t wait for season 2.
Am starting Slow Horses and Tokyo Vice…i have heard good things about them

That ending on multiple cliff hangers was ridiculous, man. WTF. The entire last episode was insane.

I read Slow Horses synopsis and brushed it off because I got fatigued by CIA, FBI, MI5, NCIS, NSA… etc shows. I might catch the first three episodes just to see if it’s up my alley. Not many great shows are on at the moment anyways.

So far its good. I listen to some few podcasts and i usually check out most of the shows they recommended and i haven’t been disappointed so far. This month is packed with some good upcoming shows.
Outer Range, Better call Saul, Russian Doll season 2, Ozark Finale. Barry season 3 if am not mistaken is also coming this month.
I usually check out shows as they come out i never wait for it to get completed. I find it more interesting to engage in the weekly conversations.
Moon Knight is also really good

I look forward to Russian Doll and Ozark. Not completely sold on Moon Knight yet. Don’t know anything about the character but I hope they don’t make the conflict between Marc and Steven the main plot line of the season. We’ll see. I liked the way Doom Patrol did Crazy Jane multiple personalities better.