Several top players are leaving PSG



wameamua kuwachia Mbappe hio club.

Wacha watafute pesa ya retirement. Deal kama ya CR7 hakuna anaeweza mind

ramos is 37 wacha atafute pesa ya retirement.

Ramos aanze Chinese class ama ni Arabic

Ramos will probly will go to Juventus or AC Milan.

How come zero players have passion for PSG? They treat it as some small project. Hata other oil clubs akina man city had players who would die for them like Silva, Kompany, Aguero etc but nobody gives a fwak about PSG.

They will quickly recruit top players before the next season owing to the fact that they have sufficient oil money

Difference is the management and fans. Fans wa PSG ni meffi sana, just look at how they treated Messi and Neymar.

PSG belongs to Mbappe