seventh Day Adventist

The only denomination preaching on real life and current trends in the world

Kama haujatembelewa na Roho Mtakatifu personally jua bado uko mbali saidi sana.

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hiyo ni kweli kabisa

Does SDA even have any preachings or a doctrine ama it’s just the usual anti Catholic rhetoric


My friend don’t look at it in terms of inter denomination rivalries, SDA preach the most preferred gospel to Christians

I have one problem on what SDA imagines the mark of the beast is Sunday

Why does all religions (except Legio Maria) so against Catholic?

That was not the point. If Catholic was to collapse today, SAD would never be relevant anymore since they don’t have a doctrine except Anti catholicsm banter

It’s true. SDA preaches the real thing. Catholic ni idol worshippers chini ya maji.