Seth Panyako dumps UDA

Na bado


Arror must find a better way of approaching this controversial housing plan otherwise it won’t end well

The government must first focus on sealing the loopholes enabling rampant theft of funds. Adding more funds to a leaking bucket is senseless. Uhuru is now reduced to roaming with odm kibera goons partly because he ignored this wisdom and only thought of squeezing more from citizens for his relathieves and cronies to steal

he is utilizing his good will and political capital poorly too early in his term

That’s the only way to go, because he’d be perceived as a collaborator by his constituents who are all squarely affected by the proposed bill

Considering the fact that almost everybody in Kenya Kwisha was in court for stealing not so long ago I don’t think they are going to be plugging any loopholes.

ameacha minofu banae

The parliamentary house committee has proposed for a revision of the clauses in the bill today

Exactly. Uhuru was a laid-back leader who never wanted to face issues head-on

He can only get minofu coz. he is a union leader, akipoteza hiyo hata akinyonya matako hakuna kitu itatoka, atakuta asshole imekazwa zaidi

Housing fund is a red herring. It has been put there to distract opposition. The main thing hustler wants is to increase other taxes. He will drop it at the last minute then the rest of the taxes will pass.

Zakayo knows the money is in the hands of informal sector guys but he can’t get it