Huyo si seska , that’s Swatt Mtoto wa Eunice

Sasa hawa ndio ma ghasia wagani? Ati anajiita Seska. @pamba , do yr job priz

manugus washamuweka kwa list ya RIP

Na hivyo ndio wata trend this week probably more than mbingijii

actually there’s a joint they recently chomoad called mathogothanio…yea…let that sink in

thats boondocks not ethic

Hiyo Ni ya KRG the Don and Boondocks,…wale wa peleka Na rieng

Last week I boarded Lopha from CBD to Ruiru and the shitty music played back to back .Yani all the songs from this kids zinaongea tu about kulimana.

Whats the difference with this village na vile wadau hapa wanapenda kuoshwa macho. Hypocrisy be real.

You do realise that KT has 17 other categories but you only settle on that.
Let me ask you of all the songs this kids have done which one doesn’t talk about sex ? Weka number of songs hapa .

:Dmanze it such a relief to realise that i don’t know who is who in those circles…

zimenishika yo?..hehee…but umesema ukweli though