Service Legit

Wakamba tutaeesana???

Kresi wuman

Kambas know all about the legit services. I love Syokau sana.

Here’s wisdom for the woman who seriously wants a husband, whatever your vocation, whether a pastor or a gospel singer: be discreet. Guard your tongue, because from the fullness of the heart the mouth speaks. Syokau wants the limelight, so she can sell her music. The vast majority of African men don’t like being associated with wives who speak carelessly.

She’s still single. People have different personalities. Me even if you hold a gun to my head I won’t discuss many things openly. He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor but she’s a divorced woman she can’t remarry in sanctity so legit services are over.

Such services should be legit for title deed holders. The rest we don’t know which one is the legit or not. We don’t want illegit problems

All services are legit as long as neither of you is a child. Social rules are only created to keep people safe from disappointments and embarrassment. Once you understand that then you know how to navigate the minefield called sexuality.

legit services

It is not a foolproof science …
Many a great Man and Woman have scars from that minefield … :D:D

That’s why I called it a minefield. No wonder @TrumanCapote is so scared of getting scarred:D
Humanity must still cross it though, it’s part of the journey to self knowlege

Manzi wa Kibera kwanza…