Servant P. N. Mackenzie teaches us why Kenya is the human trafficking epicentre in the region

I have asked myself endless questions because I believe every Christian has in the past few weeks. How easy is it in Kenya for your entire family to disappear and you just sit at home and send them money for food for years? How can you sit at home when three of your sons are in some pastor’s house. Out of school. Just chilling at a pastor’s house.

Like what happened to Kenyans? The stories I have been hearing makes me wonder if Kenyans are really sane or are they so oppressed and depressed that they have just given up on life. Yaani Kenyans, your wife leaves home to go to some pastor she’s watched on TV and has even never met before with your 5 kids and you are just sending them money for food.

I think this country has a very big psychological problem which we don’t want to face. When you decide to go look for your kids, the OCS tells you to bring birth certificates to prove that the children are yours coz a pastor can’t steal kids.

I’m just dumbfounded by the things that happen in this country. I’m asking myself do Is this the same country I know or what kind of a country is this now. Hundreds of people can go missing and tell their loved ones, tumehamia kwa pastor in the middle of nowhere? And they just accept and move on? Kenyans we have a problem.

How can Kenyans from all over the country report 1 man to different police stations and the issue is not flagged. Kwani how does security apparatus work in Kenya? One person can traffic people all over and it never gets beyond the OB.

In this fiasco, there were a few categories of people. Those who were sold land after selling everything they had, those who were lured with free land and university students who lured their siblings.

The christianity rot is so huge hata you would not know where to start…the rot in the corridors of justice means we cannot even tackle this shit.

Na kwani, were those people living under the open sky? We are only shown bushes, no church. What kind of place were they staying in?

This is puzzling. No church, no houses, we are just being shown some decrepit hovels which can’t even fit 5 people. Is this rubbish government hiding things? Can’t trust these bumbling fools.

There are definitely many questions. Media reports say the church was closed in 2019. So where were the meetings taking place since? All these people who travelled hundreds of kms to be with the “man of God”, where were they lodged? How were the victims controlled in an open wooded area without any possibility of escape? Is it even conceivable that all those people voluntarily starved themselves to death simply because the man said that was the way to Heaven? Why didn’t the local police boss, the sub-chief and Chief, know about the sinister goings-on in their area?
These questions will linger till someone seriously investigates this case.

Was someone harvesting organs from them?

Good question. If it was happening then either a makeshift lab and/or some refrigerated ambulance or vehicle of sorts iko site or has been recently moved. Or the harvestees were being transported to malindi or even Mombasa for the operation

Mud huts with grass thatched roofs. I have reason to believe that most people died within a month or two of arriving at the farm. If you have kids, your kids had to die first, then your wife and then you. If you are alone or with friends or siblings you all die in a month of arrival. I believe that people were dying in droves from 2019 and apart from the freshly dug graves which were 50 plus 15. There were older graves. The bodies with no organs came from Pastor Ezekiels prayer center. A starved person’s organs fail and can therefore not be useful anymore. There is a very big network to this thing. In a place like Malindi, Lango Baya and shakahola everyone knows everything, starting with police and chiefs and then residents. I hear the security team at the farm are spilling beans to get plea bargains. Some of them may even be killed bcz there’s so many people involved in this thing especially at Lango Baya and Malindi police stations. There’s also a brick house for the pasta and his family and people.

Sounds like he made a little kingdom of rags in the wild, with its own bizarre laws

The cadavers with missing organs came from Pastor Ezekiel. He just needed a place to dump the bodies. I have reason to believe that these were not people sick enough to die bcz they would be buried by the people who brought them and they would leave a trail. It was likely people lured to the place who either don’t have close family like street boys. Or just people who are hard to get noticed if they went missing. It’s a huge syndicate and this is why DCI needs 30 days to even engage interpol, to look at money trails, communication and even flights and cargo shipping bcz such stuff can’t leave the country with out clearance.

This man was luring the poor people first with promises of free land. In the first 17 days you drink some soup which makes you hate food. After a short time you die. There were so many corpses that after the photos of corpses strewn everywhere began to hit social media, security agencies were ordered to remove anyone who can’t be sworn to an oath of secrecy. I’m sure the place had vultures circling in the sky, why didn’t anyone notice?

He was also using university students to lure more people to the farm. If a person was likely to report disappearances he’d lure them and kill them. Some of the bodies were also burnt from photos I have seen on social media. Like the air hostess was lured by her parents after her 9 yr old son died in their company in that place.

The area is hot, so you can sleep outside if it doesn’t rain. They didn’t need much housing bcz besides the men who were helping him patrol the area to keep off intruders and escapees as well as carry bodies and Bury them, children died first then women. Those who were useless to him were welcomed with a funny soup for 17 days after that they had no desire for food and started hallucinating especially bcz of the heat and dehydration.

Wow you have some info I ain’t privy to, what a truly sick bunch of people we have jameni? End times

I’m a true crime buff so I kinda get obsessed with this kinds of stuff. I have been through all the videos of witnesses and the man himself. I go through posts on him on social media and I am subscribed to some social media that relay what isn’t mainstream like the cadavers.

And I thought Silence of The Lambs was a horror!

Well, he lied that he closed the church at furunza of his own volition. It was closed bcz he was operating an unregistered school and was radicalising the community not to take their kids to school, he was operating the TV station without all the requicite licenses etc.

He then preached his last sermon and told his people that his job was done and Jesus or a voice told him to close up shop. By then he had nabbed a wealthy man I believe was kamba who had land in Lamu who had land worth over 100M. He sold it at 20 M and handed the schister all the money in less than a fortnight he died under mysterious circumstances mirroring a boy who had refused to eat and work, when he was brought back home by his dad from the farm and started vomiting green stuff then died shortly after under his parents care passed.

The nyumba kumi Mzee said that he got alarmed when the initial large group of adherents started showing up at the center at Shakahola which was about 15km away from the farm. He was alarmed bcz Mr. Mackenzie told him and other baraza of local wazee that he was a large scale farmer. He even had his 200 strong security team dig a dam.

He then lured people both church members like the assistant pasta and his wife (a daughter of a couple whose house he used to when he started the church but asked him to leave after he started being demanding) who sold everything to buy a farm in phases to come either buy land or get free farming land while living away from the sinful world awaiting Jesus. In his TV messages which I have perused he never spoke of fasting.

So I believe that what he lured people with once he closed the church where some of his 17 kids live is seclusion and living as a community, farming their own land to avoid the mark of the beast.

Once they were there. They were fed some concoction like soup. After that they became like zombies and lost appetite for food and water. The security team, Mr. Makenzie and visitors ate very well. No soups for them.

He kept a tight leash on those who were yet to come by calling them all hours of the night to prey for them. That’s what the mukorino old man’s wife said, that he went to the ranch and returned and at the time he was up in the living room at 3am every day in secret prayers with Mackenzie. The last visit he liquidated some assets and handed over the money to Makenzie then he left his last will and testament to his kids and wife. He was lured through the Times TV channel. Others through the youtube and the number posted there. I’ve seen some Merus lured through the TV too. Mukorino Mzee called the number on the TV program and that’s how he ended up at the farm. Thankfully he did not lure his entire family like some men in the cult including one ex GSU whose sis was on JKL live.

The chief sent a group of youths to the farm after the number of people increased exponentially then decreased and increased again at the center. They found all footpaths into the farm heavily guarded and having thorny tree branches. The youths were beaten up and their 2 motor bikes torched. I guess on reporting to the nearest police station Lango Baya, he was told that the man was a tycoon and he’d do well to stay away from his land and that was the end of that. The traders at the centre have a narrative mirroring the accounts of survivors.

New people would come, they’d have their kids and about the third visit they’d be no kids, then theyd be no women and then the men would disappear too before another new group started going to the centre probably buying for some of the other people coz family members were sending money for upkeep for the first week or so. I believe that they were to die in phases of months and they went to the center under security mainly the ones who could be of some use at the farm. The rest were put on the soup immediately and on day 17th they’d start the fast, the survivors say that they were no longer hungry and thirsty others say that they took the soup after a week of the fasting. I guess there were different groups based on tribe and also importance/usefulness to the cult leader.

Actually worse things happen in TZ where people disappear and end up as zombies in farms. I had a classmate who was kidnapped and showed up 20 years later. She had been herding livestock and doing household chores for the entire time. I also know a guy who left school and went to be a herds boy through juju. The spell either breaks or you get killed and your parts sold to wizards once you outlive your usefulness. Human trafficking. This world is a very dangerous place. But it’s not as bad in Kenya like Western countries with multi billion dollar human and sex trafficking rings. They kidnap young boys and auction them on a timed online auction with a camera showing the child to pedophiles on the dark web. Once they have been molested and outgrown their age of desirability to the pedophiles, he can be resold or just killed and disposed of. It’s jarring. Kenya is pretty safe believe me.

The farm has no electricity and no elaborate structures for this kind of an operation

The chronology of deaths from a former pastor at the church


Trading center account