I may be so many things, but kitu sijakuwa bado, ni a female who entertains men with girlfriends or wives… I just don’t.
Most, if not all the people I know concluded that I was a snob kuruka, but i’m not. I just don’t want to be the reason a woman loses a man she loves, when all I want is superficial.
Men, please, I know you can’t, (juu nyi ni mapoko), but please, try. Try and go home even when your wife/girl seems like a fucking huge pill to swallow. Go home and talk to her… when she’s in bed, touch her the way you used to and see what happens… let us singles sort each other out please… mnatuchafulia dating pool… thanks in advance.


ding…ding…born again shosholite retoric detected…


Were you dumped or left on the high highway :D:D

Ding ding… troll assuming shit from what he’s reading detected…

I do the dumping baby…:slight_smile:


just have


Maybe unipee summary, juu siwezi click…

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pesa makaratasi…

just getting interesting

Going to sleep


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@hakimoto nini hii? You know, lazima niskize whitney…

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in this world you should understand one basic rule, survival for the fittest, if a man leaves his girl for you, then marries you hapo hakuna shida. if he leave you for another then up your game

@MegaKing as long as I do not actively engage him in his random decisions of leaving another woman… because let’s be honest, it’s a rare moment when a grown ass man has never been with another woman… so technically, someone has left someone else for you…

Wewe unafaa uhaicwo na mtu kwa Orifice zote zenye uko nazo ndio uwache utiaje,gawa vitu kwani ni sabuni ati itaisha

my dear, I am a bachelor. Can we meet up I sample what you got… na ikibamba sana nikukamue mkia pia.

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As if sisi ni some sort of consolation prize… :mad:makes me so mad maze…

Ni sabuni my fren… ni sabuni



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