Seriously what will happen to Kenya?

Put your tribal affiliations to the side. And set your political bearings on hold. The problem we have is that when a agony doesn’t fall solely on your back, you seem to think it’s far. (“I have a IT job in Safaricom, I am safe.” ). Or you have a plan to defeat but:
Salaries of some government workers is now 4 months behind. Pretty soon, with Eurobond ( ksh 254b due in 2023/2024) and what naught coming due, it will include all government workers. And even if the government pays, it’s not like they can pay 5 months of wages. They will throw one or two months, then skip another 3.

Government hasn’t floated a solid plan forward. It’s business as usual. Beg, borrow, steal. Rigathe this weekend said you can draw his pants and whip him silly, but he can’t pay. Shauri yako.

If government is not paying wages, businesses will begin to suffer big time, as citizens jump to survival mode. Economy is cyclic and comprehensive , it depends on everyone. Kwanza business are the fastest to lay off and cut costs. KRA target misses will only grow bigger. Larger budget deficits will need to be covered. They start to skip loan payments, credit rating drops. Means no lenders, other than IMF who will now demand massive layoffs in government.
Businesses depend on government for survival. For example Equity transfers or banks billions of government money for a fee. Insurance companies, hospitals , telecom, power, water, etc etc.

I don’t know who is responsible for what, Ruto or Uhuru, but we are at the beginning of a downward spiral. This is probably the worst situation the country has faced. With Moi we faced similar, but he distorted wages to help. A PS used to earn 20k in the 80s.

We are living on borrowed time.

Rock bottom is the only place where we can have a national conversation on how to restart the entity called Kenya. Anything else will be and is postponing the inevitable.


Maybe tumefikiwa na crises tunasikianga tu.

Not yet, rock bottom is what will humble the likes of Kimani Ichung’wah and the likes of Riggy-G Ali, soften their voices.

kasonge majamaa. acha kaende. walisema nabii anajua kire aanafanya

@Contractor wana fanya biz na gava wanalia saidi

Yaani tunangoja rock bottom ndio tu have national dialogue…:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D wah!!!

I warned people about Nabii, hawakuniskia.

Ruto is the darling of the west as a barrier to Chinese expansion into precious Congo.
You will be surprised how much aid the west will pump into kenya once they realize the golden Titanic is sinking

Relax Huase Simiyu. Kenya cannot be allowed to sink.

It started sinking long ago…tunaumia mbaya mbovu. Hatujalipwa kwa miezi sasa

Hii mambo bado haija register kwa akili ya wakina Ruto considering how much money they are wasting on useless things.
Ile saa wataona hungry Kenyans doing maandamano (sio hii ya Raila) ndio akili zao zitafunguka.

Things started going bad during handshake when the country focused on reggae for four years instead of actually building the nation…who stole the eurobond money you are now talking about? Do people expect that four years of wanton corruption and wastage was going to be fixed in six months?


I can’t wait to see liwe riwalo tagteam like @Motokubwa rioting with his knife ya kukata moturwa , @Circledot and @ranny will be waiving their pink lingarie as they gnash their teeth since no one will have surplus to pay for their services , @Weyn alias @Nipe Nikusifu millage will hit Boeing 700 and he will be forced to sale his ear holes since that’s will be the only orifices with some grip

tugege tulia

… and agree to share power with Raila. Sadly that is not a viable Solution.
Now, if you are broke, you are by yourself.
Economic readjustment happens once in a while and only spells doom for the unprepared. You would know if you have been in business for a while.

Was Eurobond stolen though? Even if it were 100% utilized properly we still would have had to repay it.

We hit rock bottom 40 years ago after the coup.
We stayed in that rock bottom for 20 years, tried to come out in 2003-2007 bit in 2008, we put ourselves back in there.
We have not recovered since and rock bottom life is now our reality.

1 ilipotelea kwa mifuko ya majamaa na iyo ndio inamature in afew 2 nayo walijaribu kuitumia hata kazingine ziliingia kwa mifuko za watu

We do not and have never had a national identity, except when Kipchoge runs a marathon or Khayange scores a try. Therefore we cannot have national dialogue.