Seriously though, When will moi die?

This nigga has clearly overstayed his visit on earth. Its a pity that thousands of young kenyans are dying daily yet this fossil thief who plundered our economy is still alive!

How will his death add ugali in your sufuria? Infact it will be costly coz mzee will be honoured a state funeral which will cost the tax payer money.

Hii swali uliza @Meria Mata …he can give you a comprehensive answer

Usiwai wish mtu kifo especially usiku b4 sleeping. The angel of death may visit u instead. Usicheze na laana ya wazee. Delete this thread to be on the safer side.

Are you looking for vengeance or justice? They are two different things: revenge is about retaliation whereas justice seeks to restore balance. I suspect it is revenge that you would like to see most, but that belongs to God. “Vengeance is mine“ says the Lord.

If you are puzzled why evil people prosper, then you are not the only one. Asaph, in Psalms 73, was also troubled by this phenomenon.
You both can’t seem to reconcile why what you see in reality isn’t what is taught in the Law. The promises of blessings to the obedient and judgment on the disobedient.

It’s normal to feel envious of Moi’s prosperity, the achievement of being a president for 24 years, living to a ripe age. How is that fair, you cry??!! Does God notice what is happening? The corrupt are healthy, boastful and merciless on the poor yet their riches keep increasing as good people suffer and die.

Instead of becoming increasingly frustrated at his not dying, it’s more productive to change your focus towards God instead of the ‘them.’ At least your eternal destiny is assured! There are many people who rightfully feel they were denied justice by this man’s actions, but what does it matter now. He will pass at God’s appointed time and that’s who we should turn our eyes towards for our perfect assurance and safety.

Habari purple

Two words in life. Both simple and easy in context but are normally the hardest to say and somewhat misunderstood or misconstrued.

Sorry & no. A lot of people find it hard to say sorry, ask for forgiveness & atone. Same can be said about the word “no”. The recipient always misconstrues it when dished out.

Moi sought atonement in his farewell address. Never wish death upon any other mortal being. Vengeance is not ours.

Are you a murderer in real life?

This is so tasteless… I bet your life sucks bigtime

Its given me a bad taste in my mouth.

Are you a coffin maker?

Si ni wewe humwaga TOJ everytime ukiskia shiny eye amekufa? Hizi double standards zenu ni za kipuzi.

Wachaneni na mzee auguze maungo polepole

He’s not finishing 2020. The guy is way over 100 years …at least by almost a decade

Bonobo thinking mentality ndio zako

kuna watu wawili wakidedi hii country itaendelea…the bought “opposition leader” na shosh flani hucontrol vitu statehouse…

A useless thread…Like a knitted condom.

Tasteless thread

It is oki. He has lived longer than most people. We can only dream. He was our President for 24 years and that is no mean achievement. He protected our borders. That is what I will always remember him. I choose to ignore the looting and murders.

Oiiiii Thiem, I know you lenga me when I ask you about CoP in Madrid. Well, why don’t you cobble us a thread on what was agreed on mitigation, adaptation, article 6 etc…also tell us why the Oaf Trump decided to pull the US (world’s biggest polluter)out of the Paris Accord…and throw in some points about the fires in OZ…
It was the worst meeting ever but tupe habari.