Serious Reforms needed in the Kenya Police Service

Sometimes back there was a popular adage that in Kenya you are safer in the hands of thugs than police.Cases like the one of Kebenei and Caroline Kangogo speak of a system eating its own. I remember a jicho pevu where a cop became hunted by his fellow officers. I will also put it up. Thugs rent guns and bullets from police. Thousands of police have been arrested committing violent crimes during their off days. I will try to get the video on that as well. And the ones are a minority. For a police to fearlessly kill unarmed people and rob them like Kianjakoma Bros killed in Embu and all they get is a transfer tells you everything you need to know about the state of affairs of security and insecurity in Kenya. If you look at people heading our arms of security and justice majority are former NSIS, where are we heading as a country and is any of us really secure? Officially Kenya is a police state with no rule of law.

As things stand now, the public have lost faith in the police and the courts. Mob justice is at an all time high. Mob justice is so prevalent that thieves now call attention to their victims as the thieves and if the victims don’t run away they will be lynched because Kenyan men are so blood thirsty. First of all I want to show you an entire family that is jailed bcz of being in a mob justice scene. Please people don’t go anywhere near a mob justice scene. Wakina Hessy may laud mob justice but ukishikwa anywhere near the utaenda jela. I will put a video of 4 boys killed by herders suspected for cattle rustling and their motorbikes burnt. The story totally doesn’t add up. No arrests have been made. We all saw Kingori a very senior police officer almost being lynched by a mob. You can imagine a kawaida mwana inchi.

I want you to listen very well to this interview and actually see that we are heading to the precipice with the current state of affairs. I will put it at the end.

Listen very well to Mr. Kiama and Ms Kagwiria. They captured the salient points very well.

Polisi wa Kenya ni cowards takataka.

Dawa yao ni Baragoi Cattle Rustlers

I frankly don’t think anything has changed over the years. In this country, nobody cares about the other. Everyone is trying to gain from the next person. Unfortunately police are a reflection of this fact. They are not the only ones. Go to any government office to be served and government officers in position are the same. Chief wants kakitu. Passport office same. Licence same. Your maid anakuibia. Shamba boy ni hivyo. Headmaster wants something to admit your kid backdoor. Ma3 condi wants to steal your change. Kwa butchery they stack the scale. Doctors in public hospital won’t treat you unless in private hospital. Pale kwa courthouse they want you to pay your bail in cash and you get no receipt.

But it’s easy to blame those in uniform.

No need for reforms in this sector. Reforming people who are corrupt to the core is not easy.

4 lynched in Kitengela. The results of lawlessness in the country.

Police now on a man hunt for the mob that lynched 4 bikers over allegations of cattle rustling in Kitengela.

Before you go near a scene of mob justice think 50 times. This is a man, his 2 sons and his daughter in jail for life over mob justice of a neighbor suspected of witchcraft

My maid stole my 2 good perfumes. I didn’t press charges coz I knew it’d only cost me more money.

Caroline Kangogo wasn’t the first there were many officers before her.

Police rent out guns and bullets to thugs

Not just facilitating criminals but police are also the actual criminals

This man’s story ya “fighting batrol” is in a class of its own. He says, “Tulipita Kiereini kama shetani!” Gosh, what a job.

The guys a hell of a narrator.